NFL Guy Guide – Update

NFL Guy Guide

Okay it’s been over a year since I updated my NFL Boyfriend Guide and since we had some moves and things just seem to be weird in general this year, it’s time to make some updates.  There aren’t that many that need it  (I’m looking at you New England) but there are a couple I had to totally redo (Hello LA Rams).  See if you can stump a friend with a couple of these!

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: He’s a hard-working guy that’s a little rough around the edges.  Most girls see him as a project, but if you give him a chance he may surprise you.

Miami Dolphins: He is cool, super social and somewhat unpredictable. He likes to do what he wants and doesn’t like to be told what to do.

New England Patriots: This guy gets whatever he wants and likes it that way. If you play hard to get it may intrigue him, but once he has you he will be onto the next conquest.

New York Jets: This guy is trouble.  He’s been having career problems so he’s been extra insecure which means he’s going to take it out on you or cheat on you.  Run!


AFC West:

Denver Broncos: He’s stable, strong and fun to hang out with. He’s established and likely has a good career. He will make a nice, reliable partner.

Kansas City Chiefs: He is handsome and a hard worker but lacks charisma. You most likely won’t fall in love with him at first sight, but you’ll learn to love him and respect him for his character.

Oakland Raiders: You may want to be careful with this one.  He has a bit of a past and while it may seem like he’s the total package, make sure you do some research before getting too serious.

San Diego Chargers: This guy is the total package. He’s smart, kind, good-looking and his dream is to find the one. He just can’t seem to make it happen and is starting to think he may just not be the marrying kind.


AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens: He does things a little differently. Your first date certainly will not be dinner and a movie but you’ll definitely be surprised.

Cincinnati Bengals: He’s cute and young but a little insecure which he hides behind a cocky exterior. If you can break down the facade, you’ll see he’s a good guy.

Cleveland Browns: He’s mature and down to earth but rarely smiles. He’s the brooding type, which can be intriguing but then may wear on you as his darkness rarely gives way to smiles.  You can’t help but just be sad around him.

Pittsburgh Steelers: This guy comes from the other side of the tracks and often brags about his rough upbringing. But when it’s your anniversary you’ll see his softer side come out.


NFC South:

Houston Texans: He’s a little young, he’s a little reckless and while his heart is in the right place he just needs to let his frontal cortex fully develop before he’s capable of a committed relationship.

Indianapolis Colts: He’s a solid, stand-up guy and while he’s mature and fully capable of being a wonderful boyfriend, he still has his sights on a trophy wife.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Bless his heart, he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but he’s loyal and so selfless. He will “fix” your sink but you’ll probably have to hire a plumber after.

Tennessee Titans: He’s sweet and hard not to like although you’re a little unsure why. There’s nothing remarkable about him but he may be the guy your single (or even married) friends may be envious of.


NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: He is the strong All-American type, a little cocky but ultimately knows his flaws better than he leads on, so when you point one out he can be defensive.

New York Giants: This guy is successful and has a great career, most likely on Wall Street or a lawyer. You’ll never have to pay for dinner, but his ego could drive you nuts.

Philadelphia Eagles: He has high and almost unrealistic expectations. Don’t be surprised if he seems let down, deep down he really does appreciate you and value your relationship.

Washington Redskins: He’s a little unsure of who he really is.  He’s the kind to throw out the possibility of a name change or the guy who changes careers a dozen times.


NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals: This guy dresses like he’s 23 but he’s actually closer to 40. He can’t seem to let go of his youth and past but when he puts his mind to something, like work, he’s impressive.

Los Angeles Rams: He’s the guy that is never satisfied and is always chasing something bigger.  If you marry him, buckle up and be prepared for things to change in a moment’s notice.

San Francisco 49ers: This guy comes from an incredibly successful family but for some reason he can’t seem to find his way and hold down a job or a relationship, for that matter. He wants to commit but this guy will disappear just when you start to feel settled.

Seattle Seahawks: This guy looks absolutely shiny and sparkly to you, but he was probably the class nerd or one that flew under the radar. He’s a late bloomer but if you’re lucky enough to catch his attention, he will treat you like a queen and have you feeling like the lucky one.


NFC North:

Chicago Bears: He is the ultimate frat party on two feet. He probably parties and doesn’t even try to act like he wants to commit. His tinder profile says “DTF.”

Detroit Lions: You’ll fall hard for this guy, he’ll make you feel like you’re the one, but he will always break your heart. Always.

Green Bay Packers: He’s down to earth and doesn’t require much of anything. He will be by your side without a shadow of a doubt and will make you feel like a princess.

Minnesota Vikings: This guy can eat and drink anyone under the table but he always keeps his cool. He may appear intimidating but he’s just a giant teddy bear.


NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons: He was most likely president of his fraternity but may have been demoted or even suspended for some kind of shady behavior. He has a good heart but he’s still figuring himself out so don’t count on him to be your rock.

Carolina Panthers: He’s the life of the party.  This guy loves attention yet he’s eager to find the one and settle down.

New Orleans Saints: He has been through a lot in his life and he has a sensitive side to him. He’s the one you root for and he will support you just the same.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: He probably came off the bench and threw the game-winning touchdown for the state championship in high school and has been living on that moment since. He’s a little stunted and just can’t seem to remember your anniversary, birthday or sometimes your name.


And, as always, it’s all in good fun! xx



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