Female Sports Bloggers: My Favorites

Female Sports Bloggers
Female Sports Bloggers

I cannot believe it’s been 5 years since I set out to start TheSportsBrat.com.  Well, I guess the idea is even older than that, but my very first post went up in August of 2013, so next month, we’re officially 5!  When I first started down this path there weren’t as many female sports bloggers, content creators, sideline fashionistas.  Heck, there weren’t even that many options for cute game day clothes.  But since then, this little niche has grown  A LOT and I’ve decided to share the gals who inspire me, the ones I follow and the gals who are trying to celebrate game day the most.

Favorite Female Sports Bloggers

Live Love Gameday
Live Love Gameday

Melissa Jacobs from The Football Girl

I was lucky enough to get to interview Melissa for TSB back in the beginning days.  This gal is so smart. The former Emmy-Award winning ESPN producer founded TFG in 2009. Jacobs brings a rich passion for the NFL and the experience to tap into a variety of angles and sources.  This girl certainly knows football and is such a role model for women in sports.

My favorite things about The Football Girl is the “Football U” section.  It’s your one-stop for learning everything you need to know to understand the game of football.  I’ve tried many times to explain the game, and failed.  It’s so complicated and not super linear so it gets overwhelming but Melissa breaks it down perfectly.  You can learn a little or comb through it all for an in-depth understanding.  Either way, she’s a killer resource.  I also love her Fantasy insight. If you don’t do fantasy yet, get on it this season, it’s SO fun!

The sisters behind HerFantasyFootball.com

I love these female sports bloggers. They have the website but also a podcast that’s since shut down, but all the content is still super relevant and entertaining.  When it comes to fantasy football, they’re the resource.  There are lots of people talking about fantasy football but these girls speak my language.  I use their guides and tips every single season.  Plus they’re fun to follow along with.

Jill of JocksandStilletoJill.com

She covers all sports but I rely on Jill especially when it comes to basketball.  She keeps you up to date on all the things, plus she speaks to my split personality with some “bleacher new” aka gossip.  She’s smart, entertaining and knows her stuff.  It’s ESPN meets Sex and the City and I am here for it.  Check out her book too!

Whitney Bond of WhitneyBond.com 

Whitney is a food blogger and my number one stop for game day recipes.  Whitney has tons of perfect tailgate treats.  From dips, to slow cooker meats, to nachos and sweets, Whitney has the best inspo when I need it.  She’s been a guest on the podcast and the blog and if I had to pick my 3 favorites, here they are:

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Chipotle Honey Tacos

S’mores Cinnamon Rolls 

Trust me, Whitney has a ton of non-game day options too.  If she’s not on your radar, add her ASAP.

Sydney from LiveLoveGameDay.com

Former Cowboys cheerleader turned entrepreneur, Sydney launched Live Love Gameday a couple of years ago and her stuff is so cute.  Not only do I shop regularly on LLG but I also follow Sydney for her adorable game day fashion inspo.  She’s got great style that translates into her line.  If you need game day tees that will also work for brunch or running errands mid-week, Live Love Gameday is for you.  Check them out, they’re always running killer sales too.  You’ll see me share pretty regularly from their clothing line.

Live Love Game Day
Live Love Game Day
Live Love Game Day
Live Love Game Day

Danielle of TheGameDayStylist.com

I was so pumped to “meet” Danielle on IG.  Her blog covers sports, beauty and lifestyle…aka the best.  I love a gal who loves gameday but I also love her travel posts.  From her bucket list to her travel recaps, she’s a great resource if you’re planning an away-game trip or if you’re visiting a new city.  In addition to her travel, you can follow her for her style inspiration too.  She totally gets the balance or fashion meets sports and I AM HERE FOR IT.  Plus I just love having company in this space!  Her IG is @TheGameDayStylist give her a follow, she will not disappoint!

Social Media Musts – Female Sports Bloggers

I don’t always have time to read blogs every day so keeping up on social media is my favorite.  Here are my favorite female sports bloggers on social media.

@Jaymelamm – The Blonde Side – She’s super cute, has great style and is so fun to follow!

@IamSarahMize – Venus Trapped in Mars – I love Sarah! Her other account @DallasLoveList is a must follow if you’re in DFW but this account is where she shares her love of sports the most! She runs a fantasy league too!

@Sportstoldbyagirl – great for staying updated on the sports news

@SportyFoods – so good for game day food pics

@footballbettys – so good for decor

@CurlsandSports – Love Erika! She’s a sports reporter and is a great resource to follow

@MKsportsanista – She’s a fashion blogger and official NFL FanStyle blogger, I have followed her for years.  Her style is killer!

@GracieHunt – Gracie is another NFL FanStyle ambassador that you would love to follow! Her travels are pretty cool too.

@amdiekman – Amanda is a baseball wifey and entrepreneur who launched her own clothing store.  Her baseball and street style is incredible.

@TheBaseballGypsy –  Korrin is a baseball wife in the minors which means lots of moving, her life is never dull.  She’s so cute, so fun to follow and super authentic.  Plus her golden retriever is a real standout on her account.

@JaneHudson_USJaneHudson is a game day clothing line I love but her IG is so well-curated! I rely a lot on this account for inspo.

@TheRoyalStandard – If you’ve seen any of my football tables capes, you know I love TheRoyalStandard.com for all things game day decor. I use their stuff year-round.  Football is always stylish.

@GameDayFeels – This brand is amazing but I also love their feed! It’s super well-done.

@SydneyLeroux – Sydney is a member of the US Women’s National team and she’s FUNNY.  I like her style but I follow her account because she cracks me up.

I follow a lot more accounts BUT these are some you may not have heard of and should go check out immediately.  I wanted to highlight some female sports bloggers that are killing it in their space.  Comment below some of your favorite female sports bloggers and I’ll keep updating this as more boss babes enter the sports world!

Have a great rest of the week!

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