Gifts for Football Fans: A 2018 Gift Guide

Game Day on Whole30
Game Day on Whole30

Football fans are passionate people that love to show their spirit, which is why gifts for football fans should be something they can enjoy with football in mind. If baseball is the great American pastime, then football is the great American passion.  This classic sport claims millions of fans around the world; many of whom also crave merchandise to help them honor and celebrate both their love for the gridiron sport and their favorite teams.  This is why gifts for football fans make the perfect expression to honor the birthday, anniversary, work achievement or retirement of an avid sports enthusiast.  And gift ideas for sports fans in general also make for ideal holiday presents.

Just keep in mind that not all gifts for football fans are bound to suit each individual enthusiast; and with that in mind, please consider these individualized and highly personal gift recommendations for every football fan on your gift list.  These are just some of this year’s top gifts for football fans.

 Gifts for football fans



Gifts for football fans are as many and varied as the fans themselves.

The Daniel Wellington Watch ranks among the most practical and sophisticated of these tokens. This divine work of 18K rose gold and black ion-plated stainless steel also features a 32mm Buckle closure, water resistance to 3 ATM, automatic movement, a black dial, rose gold case and black strap.


One may wonder, of course, as to just how a watch possibly could qualify in a merchandise category known for all intents and purposes as gifts for football fans. Yet as you ponder this question, just pause to consider how many times you might check your own watch during the course of any given football game or another sporting match. You may wish to check the amount of time left remaining before the game starts or ends, or perhaps how much time stands between you and halftime trips to the snack bar and/or the public restroom!


You might spend a heck of a lot more time peering down at your tried and trusty watch if said watch shone in its beauty and opulence; and your female football fan, in particular, will love showing off her special ‘time’ piece at half ‘time’ or any ‘time.’ (Of course, maybe it’s ‘time’ we moved on to the next product)








The cute and handy TX 4EVER game day bag from Cotton and Confetti Co. is a must have for any serious football fan.  This clear, translucent square-shaped bag is perfect for holding game tickets, admission and merch money, snacks, and small pieces of merchandise acquired at the stadium (i.e., keychains, coins, etc.).  As an added bonus, each bag comes emblazoned with a signature outline of the great state of Texas and complete with a classy crystalline chain.  Perfect for Cowboys fans!  Available in scarlet, burnt orange, frog purple, bear green, and maroon, this bag belongs to a Clear Stadium Bags collection offered through Cotton & Confetti; one that features bags representing many sports themes and designs–and even one that she or he can customize with the name of her or his favorite sports team. These are among those very rare personalized gifts for football fans.





What football fan would not love some tickets to team games; and when you frame these tickets, they suddenly become a treasured memento of good times enjoyed. Buy some tickets from a reputable and reliable ticket seller like Stubhub, then take them to a trusted framing shop to create the ultimate gifts for football fans.


picture of gifts for football fans sideline tickets


For a little primo game day refreshment, why not give the gift that keeps on giving? The Bloody Mary Toolbox Bar is the ultimate ‘mini bar’; a spacious 15 inch transparent tool box filled with all the makings of the perfect game day Bloody Mary! This compact but generously spaced gold-trimmed box has more than enough room for a bottle of Vodka and all the fixins!


picture pf Bloody Mary Bar gifts for football fans


Like some of these gifts for football fans, the toolbox bar is for adults only. Yet whether one is attending a college football game or an NFL game, tensions at certain points in the game are sure to run high; and during the final minutes of a tight game, a Bloody Mary or two certainly don’t hurt!

Bloody Mary Bar gifts for football fans

And speaking of refreshments, you simply cannot plan a game day meal, buffet or snack without a little help from the amazing Royal Standards gameday collection. Game Day feasts would not be complete without a football-shaped cutting board, gift tote, salad hands and servers, and paper placemats that liken football fields–gotta love it!  These culinary gifts for football fans also would come in handy for tailgate parties, and for Sunday afternoons or Monday nights spent in front of the TV, watching televised games.


For those truly devoted fans who really wish to dress the part, the Jane Hudson dress collection represents the genuine pinnacle of gameday fashion.  These tasteful and endlessly fashionable dresses are emblazoned with signature team colors and embellished with the timeless radiance of haute couture design.


Unlike the vast majority of team T-shirts and sweatshirts that qualify as gifts for female fans, a fan can wear a signature Jane Hudson piece to work or even to a formal gathering; and unless she is indeed at a game, few people will identify her apparel as primo fanwear!


Gifts for football fans – The Ladies


Traditionally, football always has been seen as a man’s sport; and if anything, ladies who attended games were considered football widows who had no real love for the game. Yet the times they are a changin’, and The Washington Post reports that “Women make up an estimated 45 percent of the NFL’s more than 150 million American fans and have become perhaps pro football’s most valuable players.” This is why football gift ideas for ladies are increasingly popular in the global marketplace.


It should be noted that among gifts for football fans, female fans do not desire only those gifts that are pretty and frilly. Depending on the individual, she might very well prefer a sweatshirt emblazoned with the logo of her favorite team, or perhaps a bobblehead of her favorite player.  At the same time, most ladies also favor personal care items as gifts–and if they happen to relate to her favorite sport, then all the better!


picture of t3 micro curler wand


The T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand is a high tech heated style tool that should come in very handy throughout the course of those lengthy Game Days; when the elements can take their toll on her hair.  Whether the feminine footballer in your life needs to freshen up her do with cute curls or wonderous waves, this lovely styling set of ivory and gold will deliver every time–and in ‘style!’


She can keep that super sleek gameday do firmly in check with just a spray of fave4 hair care products. These lightweight scented creams and sprays will do much to manage out of control ‘game hair’; leaving her with lustrous locks that will last well past halftime! These just may be her favorite gifts for football fans.


A humid or rainy game day also could take a toll on the face; which is exactly what makes the SK-II’s Facial Treatment another must for her athletic aesthetics!  This luxury facial mask will cleanse and moisturize her complexion; thus removing the sweat and debris often encountered at the typical outdoor stadium.




picture of dooney bourke clutch dallas cowboys


And what better way to accompany a fresh new face and do than with a chic new purse? The stylish imported Dooney & Burke NFL Foldover Crossbody purse is a stunning and ever practical handbag emblazoned with the signature colors and symbols of the bearer’s favorite team. This genuine leather handbag boasts generous dimensions (5.75″H x 1.5″W x 8.5″L), a magnetic flap closure, an inside pocket, six credit card slots, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

And if one bag is good, two is far better; so also remember to grab a Cotton & Confetti transparent bag emblazoned with the emblem of her favorite team and blessed with enough space to carry her gameday tickets, snacks and souvenirs.



picture of shop aviate dallas cowboys hat



A hat is another virtual must have for game day couture; and as it turns out, the cool and oh so hip Aviate hat just may be the ideal way to ‘top off’ the experience.  Each of these soft and sheltering billed hats comes emblazoned with the symbolic three-letter initials associated with major airports.  Especially if your lady sports fan like to travel out of state for major games, these hats will serve as excellent reminders of those memorable gameday trips.



And your lady football fan is sure to adore a sparkly sampling of Mejuri Jewelry; basking in the luminous highlights of glimmering gold-plated brass, as it is displayed to grand effect on chains and chokers.

Again, one might wonder as to how high-end sparkly jewelry possibly could qualify as any variety of Gifts for Football Fans.  Yet again, this serves to represent the modern female football fan; a woman whose strength, moxy and competitive spirit are matched only by her glamour and super chic style.  


Football related gifts for boyfriend


What do you give the man who has everything? Some way cool football merch, of course! To use yet another cliched phrase, the way to a man’s heart is through his collection of gifts for football fans! A man might regard a glistening piece of sports merch as the equivalent of a shining diamond ring–or, in his estimation, even better. And if you are in search of just the right football gifts for boyfriend, here are a few ideas:



Tops among football related gifts for boyfriend, and indeed gifts for football fans in general, is what just might be the ultimate game day mug; one that will most literally lend a little light to the proceedings! The BigMouth Inc. LED beer glass comes with its own gift wrapping; or, more specifically, with bright multi-colored LED lights! This 7.9”H imported glass is just perfect for game day drinks.  Your boyfriend is sure to raise a glass and toast this brilliant ‘cup of victory.’


And what on earth would an awesome beer glass be without a comparably awesome Beer of the Month membership? For more than 20 years now, the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has delivered award-winning craft beers to sporty and adventurous customers. Your man will drink it up–most literally, and especially on those days when he hosts tailgate parties before the big game!


In the eyes of your boyfriend, gifts for football fans are sure to be seen as the ultimate romantic gesture. He’ll love you forever; or, at the very least, way past halftime!


Youth Football Gift Ideas


If a special young person in your life goes giddy for the gridiron, then you might indeed be on the hunt for some Youth Football Gift Ideas.


Kids tend to love sports of all kinds; and in the minds of many, their athletic heroes are akin to idols. These youth-oriented Gifts for Football Fans are kid-friendly treats sure to score a touchdown with up and coming fanatics!



The BEATS by Dre Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are stylized high tech headphones that deliver optimum sound and quality; boasting at least 40 hours of battery life. These slick, colorful headphones are perfect for the young football fan, as they can listen to games broadcast on the radio.  And, on the off chance that a live game is not going their way, they can slip on their cool new headphones and seek comfort in their favorite tunes!


If teens love anything more than high-powered headphones, then it would have to be an ultra cool cell phone; indeed, some parents fear that their kids’ cell phones will become permanently attached to their ears!  Yet perhaps if you get your kid a colorful and totally awesome cell phone case, they will be tempted to stuff and stow their cell phones–once in a while, at least and so we dearly hope!


picture of The ZENDO iPhone 7 Case Anti-Shock MIL-STD


Among gifts for football fans, this just might be the most advanced and high tech. The ZENDO iPhone 7 Case Anti-Shock MIL-STD (Bundled with 9H Screen Shield)/NanoSkin EX 360 Full-Cover Case [Carbon Black] is just such a cell phone case; one your young football fan is bound to love! This slender and durable two-part lightweight case will protect their phones from dropping and shattering; at the same time shining in its brilliant colors and sleek design. It also includes a contactless card slot to store bus passes, ID cards, contact sheets, medical and insurance cards, etc.  And, of course, photos of the precious relatives who bequeathed them with such a bodacious cell phone case!


Your young football fan will be beyond proud to show off their shiny new cell phone case at school and pro football games; where they can call home for a ride if needed after the game (or even during the proceedings, if the need arises), or perhaps even call their friends to report team progress and game sports.


Among gifts for football fans, the presents you give your kids are sure to be the most treasured and beloved of all; perhaps even inspiring them to pick up a football and get in the game themselves!


Football Gift Ideas for Players


Out of all the potential and prospective gifts for football fans, what on earth would you venture to get actual football players? Sure you probably can think of plenty of ideas as pertaining to gifts for football fans; but few can conjure original ideas for the players themselves. It’s not as if they need much in the way of tickets or merch! Luckily, though, we can offer at least one surefire suggestion for Football Gift Ideas for Players.


Football players are known for their extensive travelling schedules; those extensive itineraries that take them from city to city, state to state. They also are known for travelling in style; and simply nothing is more stylish than the deluxe and exclusive CalPak Kapri II Hardside Expandable 2-Piece Luggage Set.   Your player will love and find much use in the 28” luggage piece and the compact carry-on; both of which boast a lightweight hardside shell, a mounted combination lock, a push-button telescoping handle system, a cushioned top handle, and four spinning wheels.  Perfect for all those seasonal road trips!


Also remember that football players also qualify as football fans; so really, any player would be likely to adore just about any gifts for football fans.


Gift Ideas for Sports Fans



In uncovering the very best Gift Ideas for Sports Fans, the first and most obvious idea falls into the “Well, duh,” category.  Game tickets!!!  Among the Best Gifts for Sports Fanatics are those precious passes that allow them admittance to the tournament of the kings.


That’s right; there is perhaps no better Gifts for Football Fans than tickets to those playoffs and seasonal games played by their favorite teams. And if you can score them some primo Super Bowl tickets, well then you’ll become their MVP (Most Valuable Person)!  Just be sure that you order the tickets through reliable dealers, such as Stubhub.


Imagine the smile on your fan’s face when they see those tickets; also contemplating the wonderful time that they will have that day, seeing their favorite team in person and in action. Tickets equate the ultimate gifts for football fans.




Gifts for Guys Who Love Football


For many people, football is a family tradition. It is a distinct possibility that, as a child, you may have watched games–both on television and at football fields–with your parents and grandparents. So if you are a second- (or third-, or fourth-, etc., etc.) generation football fan, then you may very well be looking for Gifts for Guys Who Love Football; more specifically, a guy in your own family. These gifts are bound to be more personal than usual gifts for football fans.





If, for example, these particular gifts for football fans are intended for your father (quite possibly the person who first introduced you to the wonderful world of football), then you need to be particularly discriminating and sophisticated in your choices.


Sure, your boyfriend surely loves to kick back with a brewsky during any given game. Your dad, on the other hand, just might be possessed of a more sophisticated palate.  So for him, please consider a membership to the Winc wine of the month club. Offering more than 100 varieties of upscale wine, from Rose to Cabernet, Winc will deliver four wines per month to your sure-to-be grateful dad; which means he could have a new bottle at the ready for each long Sunday game! And, as an added bonus, delivery is free.



And if either your boyfriend or your father wants to take their drinks with them to the game, they also could use the amazing Bevpod cooler. The Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler is a compact and easily handled cooler that holds up to 10 cans and 6 bottles for more than four hours. And seeing as to how the average football game lasts one to three hours and includes reusable ice sheets, this cooler is the ideal companion for any gridiron fan–your dad especially! This should rank among his favorite gifts for football fans.



Even better, this small but sturdy case bears a much closer resemblance to a briefcase or a small carrying case than the hard, unyielding mini refrigerator that often passes for a cooler. Dad can easily slip this cooler into his backpack, his briefcase, his carrying case, etc.; never feeling strained or overburdened by its size–always a plus for mature gentlemen but don’t tell him we said that–but still having plenty of drinks at the ready for football parties and tailgaters.  And rest assured, you as the gift giver are sure to be invited to any and all of Pop’s parties! And that itself should rank high among your personal gifts for football fans.


Best Sports Gifts 2017


When seeking the very Best Sports Gifts of 2017, gifts for football fans are perhaps the most popular. While this may seem like a sweeping statement, one must indeed pause to consider the grand, truly timeless tradition and immeasurable popularity of the gridiron sport.


According to ESPN, the sport of football has ranked among the most popular in the United States for at least 30 years. The National Football League boasts a total membership of 32 teams; and for every team there exists a complete range of merchandise, including T-shirts, flags, jackets, and now even dresses; posters, artwork, stuffed mascot and player dolls, bobbleheads and inflatable footballs; paper plates, mugs, utensils, and now even cookware and bakeware; books and magazines, video games, hats and caps.


What makes the best Gifts for Football Fans will depend entirely on the perspective of the recipient. People of different ages, tastes and genders might like different things; some might prefer a stylish dress emblazoned with the signature colors of their favorite team, others might like a simple but eye-catching T-shirt imprinted creatively with the team logo.  


Also when it comes to Gifts for Football Fans, some might even prefer merchandise that is not directly related to their team of choice; instead opting for practical items that they can take with them to the stadium–be these coolers, tailgate cook and serveware, watches, haircare and cosmetic products, etc.


Ultimately, the very best Gifts for Football Fans are those that warm the hearts of their recipients; adding to their reminders and priceless souvenirs of time spent and memories made at their favorite football stadium.

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