Holiday Gift Guide

Finally! My holiday gift guide is ready.  This year I’ve kept its sporty but added a few of my favorite essentials. But first, a video of my favorites from this year’s list.

Gift Guide For the Gals

Holiday Gift Guide

Shop the picture here:

To shop the Cotton and Confetti Co. stadium-approved bags, click here.  To shop Jane Hudson dresses, click here.  And for Live Love Game day, here. For the exact ring and necklace, click here and here.

FYI Fave4 has put together some awesome packages/gift guides and if you use code “Thankful25” you get 25% off!

Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to guys, it can be hard to shop for them.  Here are some ideas at a bunch of different price points.

Gift Guide for the Guys

Holiday Gift Guide

Shop the picture here:

For the mug click here, for the beer of the month membership click here, for the cell phone cover, here and use code “SPRTBRAT” for 10% off until 12/30! and lastly, for the the Bevpod, here.  (FYI the Bevpod is a slim cooler, so much better than lugging around a heavy box!)

As for the tickets, I consistently use Stubhub.  And to have a favorite game or trip or series of ticket stubs framed, I just took them to a local frame shop and told them what I wanted and they helped me pick out the matting and frame and 2 weeks later my office walls weren’t so bare.  It’s a super thoughtful gift for a sports fan.

As I was rounding up these gift guides I couldn’t help but think of those people that are SO hard to shop for: bosses, coworkers, friends, etc.   So here are a couple of ideas that are unique and may be a good fit for someone that’s a little harder on your list.

Random Gift Ideas

McCauley & Luck – I could have put this on the list for the gals, BUT I think it’s such a great gift idea for a boss, assistant, friend, family member, client, etc. So I wanted to feature it here.  Not only is the owner my friend, but her stuff is AMAZING and you can snag most pairs of earrings for under $20.  She also just added clutches that would be phenomenal gifts too and they start at $26, such a steal.

WINC – WINC is a wine of the month club that kids major butt! I would LOVE this gift. Here’s a killer deal! Just click the link below to a discount.

HOLIDAY25 – $25 Off Your First Box With Purchase of a Subscription!

Bloom Room – These flowers last a year.  So yes the price tag is high, but if your gal wants flowers, these are the most incredible ones I’ve seen, plus they last.  No more having to bring them home every month (or week ;)).

A Special Drawing – I love Wheat and Honey Co.  They have calligraphy classes as well as tons of goodies to choose from.  The thing I think that is most neat is they do drawings of your home.  So you can send in a photo and they turn them to art.  It’s a personal and special thing to give to someone and probably not something they’ve received before. *You could have someone’s pet done too!

Holiday Gift Guide

There you have it! Happy shopping and holly holidays to everyone. xx