First Quarter Update on Rogaine


Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last update about Rogaine and I wanted to fill you all in on what’s been going on and how my results have been going so far.

First, I have to be honest.  After partnering with Rogaine and committing to taking out my extensions, I got really serious about what hair loss is, what can be done to get ahead of it and what can be done to treat it.


Thanks to social media, I was introduced to a doctor here in Dallas that specializes in hair loss.  I decided to go in and get a consultation and talk to him more about it since my curiosity was piqued.

As I mentioned in my previous post about my hair loss, I learned that it is manageable but as with most issues in my life I like to attack the problem from several angles.  We magnified my head and what was so interesting is he showed me all this little itty bitty baby hairs that were so small, the naked eye couldn’t see them.  Those were the hairs that we needed to help.  The ones that were already gone are gone forever, but these baby ones still have hope.  Here’s what the Dr. Yaker also taught me:

  1. Hair loss will continue to get worse if left untreated.
  2. Treatment for hair loss is a lifetime commitment, if you stop, your results will regress back to how they were.
  3. There are a few options: Minoxidil (Rogaine), Low Level Laser Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.
  4. All of the above mentioned treatments can be used alone or together.
  5. I am not a candidate for hair transplant because of my hair loss, the transplanted hairs could fall out too.
  6. It could take up to a year to see any results, and there’s absolutely no guarantee anything will work.
  7. My extensions were causing traction alopecia.  Essentially, their weight was actually causing damage to the follicles.

I think what stuck with me the most was that this is a commitment.  I’ve been using Rogaine for a few months but I think I thought my hair would grow back and then I’d be smooth sailing for life.  That’s untrue.  It’s like brushing your teeth, you must use the product forever to keep the results.

This changed my attitude towards my hair loss and I took it even more seriously.  In addition to my daily application of the Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam, I decided to also add the Low Level Laser Therapy and PRP injections to double-up on my hair loss treatments (like I said – I’m getting serious!).  The LLLT comes in the form of a little baseball cap and I wear it for 30 minutes every other day.  It’s super easy and has absolutely no feeling.

I do the Minoxidil (Rogaine) on my part, hairline and temples (this is where my thinning is) once a day, either morning or night.  Also, this has no sensation and if my hair looks a little greasy I just blow dry it again and it actually gives my roots a little texture!

Lastly, is the PRP.  I don’t want to go too much into detail because I will be doing my first ever video blog on this subject, as well as a podcast but it definitely is not pain free.  They draw your blood and either inject that into your scalp or they spin it with placenta for added nutrients and inject that.  It’s recommended that you do it once a year.

Let’s take a moment to pause.  These treatments are expensive.  Here is the approximate breakdown:

  1. Minoxidil (like Rogaine): $26.99 for a 2 month supply.  Essentially $162 a year.
  2. The LLLT hat.  They range from $99 to $1000.
  3. PRP is anywhere from $2500 and up.  And again, that’s on an annual basis.

I understand that hair loss is cosmetic, but if you speak to women going through this it can be extremely painful and hard to deal with and it’s not a cheap or permanent one-time solution, it’s a real commitment.  As science and technology continue to evolve, I’m glad I’m using Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam in combination with my other treatments to hopefully continue to jumpstart the hair re-growth process.

Again, I know there are far worse medical things people are going through but don’t discount your friend who may have this condition, it’s hard and often a silent struggle.  I feel very fortunate to be able to be trying these kinds of treatments and to be able to share my story with you all.  Maybe one day I can be a part of bringing an affordable and permanent solution to the masses 🙂 You can also read more about my story here.

Also, I wanted to update you on my Rogaine results.

I haven’t been able to really see a difference yet but Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam takes 3-4 months to see results, on average. I’m excited to hopefully see some new growth sprouting up soon and now that my expectations are adjusted, I’m really eager to see the one-year mark.

This was in Mexico 2 weeks ago and you can still see the thinning on my hairline and part but I’m so excited to see what happens when I combine all these methods together!


Have a great week everyone!

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