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I remember looking at my teammates’ ponytails in college and thinking, why is my hair not as thick as theirs? It wasn’t long before that, that I was furiously straightening my hair to flatten it out. Plus all of my kid pictures show my chocolate brown pig tails, side ponytails and half up styles full of thickness (and attitude).  So what happened?

This was 2013, all my hair

In all honesty, it wasn’t that bad in college so I kind of just accepted that people have different hair types.  But when I was 28 I realized something was definitely happening with my thinning hair.  I looked back at business school photos, when I was 25 and thought, how on earth am I losing so much hair? Is there a hair growth treatment I need to start?

I finally went to see a very well-known and respected doctor on Manhattan’s elite Upper East Side. She diagnosed me with female pattern baldness and told me it was hereditary.  I had high hopes that her next sentence would be that there’s a cure but all she told me was to get some extensions and hope they find a cure for thinning hair in the near future. Ha! Ok great, so my options were expensive extensions or simple hope.

Want to know how this gets even sillier? My mom has the most insanely thick, gorgeous head of hair.  Oh and my dad, still jet black at 60 and minimal thinning.  I’m an only child, so next I looked to aunts and uncles and grandparents.  Sure enough, the more I investigated my family history to try to find an answer, I found that my mom’s dad and brother had hair loss.  So it is hereditary, just skipped my actual parents.  I should have paid more attention in science!

Mama’s thick hair, so jealous.

After understanding that it can come from anywhere in my family, I accepted that this is my genetic predisposition. Next, I did some research and found out that it is the leading cause of hair loss among women, accounting for 90% of cases.  Every doctor would ask if I was under stress (since stress can sometimes cause hair loss) and every time I would answer, I’ve never not been stressed (see my blog about my struggles with anxiety).  So that was not the culprit.  Learning that it was due to genetics actually helped alleviate some of my stress, there’s not much I can do…or is there?

Upon further research…the internet is my rabbit hole…I learned that HHL is a manageable trait (finally something to cheer about!).

Look, let’s face it, we all inherit traits from our families, our sense of humor to physical traits like body shape.  In my family weight gain, especially as we age, can be a serious thing.  So naturally I make working out a priority so I can get ahead of it, and stay ahead.   Now, I’m doing the same thing with my hair.  My mom has the most distinct laugh on the planet, something she got from her dad, but I’m actually happy that one skipped me, love you mom!

But back to HHL! Since HHL is also manageable, I’ve decided to get a head start on that by partnering with Rogaine.  Let’s be honest, hair loss can be totally embarrassing.  And adding a hair loss product to your beauty routine isn’t as glamorous as the latest face mask, but its real life people.

Being a top name in the game, Rogaine is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for hair regrowth and their %5 Minoxidil Foam is the first FDA-approved application for hair regrowth treatment for women affected by HHL. Since it is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 3 months,  I’m so excited to share my journey as I get ahead (see what I did there ;)) on my hereditary hair loss.


Plus, their packaging is super chic, so it will totally fit in and hopefully you’ll realize that this is nothing to be embarrassed about and its something you can totally take control of, just like clear skin!

First Rogaine application

I opened up a few weeks ago about my insecurities with HHL so I’m super excited to bring you all along as I share my results.  I’ll be using it once a day (as recommended) over the next three months, so make sure to check back not only here but on my Instagram @thesportsbrat where I’ll do stories and post photos.  I’ll also be sharing updates on Facebook (The Sports Brat) and Pinterest (TheSportsBrat) so make sure you follow there as well.

My “before” hairline, can’t wait to see what happens!

Have a great week guys and thanks for sharing in my HHL adventure! Do any of you suffer from HHL or have it in your family? If so and you want to try Rogaine with me, you can  pick some up at Target.



This post is sponsored by Rogaine but all of the opinions are my own.



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