Over Extending – My Hair Loss Truth

Date Night to Game Night

I sat here for quite some time thinking about what to call this post, normally some kind of catchy title comes right to mind.  But today I struggled, maybe it’s because this issue is painful for me or maybe it’s because I’m not awake yet. Either way, I wanted to open up about my hair journey that I’m currently on.

With Hair Extensions

I am not one to toot my own horn, in fact I can be a bit too hard on myself, but that photo above is me with my favorite set of extensions I’ve ever had.  This is me now, without my weave.

Without Extensions

Full look at my head now.

My journey with extensions began after one terrible haircut that left me with a mullet just a week before my big 23rd birthday party in Vegas. It seems silly now that I was so upset, my hair was thin but not that bad at all.  It was healthy and surely it would grow back but in my young mind I needed the long locks I had been working so hard to grow out back.

I turned to the bond extensions.  This was several years ago so the market for extensions wasn’t as robust as it is today.  Well let’s just say I loved them!

First time with extensions

Let’s all have a giggle at young Jess, but those extensions were so good! I loved them.  At the time I could not afford them so I had to have them taken out and I actually turned to Ovation Cell Therapy in business school and continued for a couple years.  Like I said, my hair had begun thinning in college so I was always open to something claiming to make it thicker.  I think that was the last time I felt comfortable with my own hair and that was 2011.  Here’s what that looked like.

All Natural in 2011

So here’s where I stand now.  My hair is the thinnest it’s ever been and I was diagnosed by a doctor in NYC last year with female pattern baldness.  But I’m not sure I’m totally sold.  I’ve leaned on extensions for so long now, for the last 6 years I’ve had them in 75% of the time.  I can’t help but wonder if they may be contributing to the problem.  The doctors say no but I decided to take them out and give my hair a break and see if I can’t at least get back to how it was in business school.

My plan is simple.  Consult a doctor about surgical options because I cannot have extensions for the rest of my life and I certainly can’t have them if I continue to lose hair at this rate.  Second, I’m going to take vitamins and give Ovation Cell Therapy another shot. Lastly, I had blood work done recently so I’m waiting to confirm that there isn’t something else going on that is causing this (I have my thyroid tested every year and it’s always fine but worth checking again).

I’ve been told wearing my hair up in pony tails for working out and soccer could be the problem, diet, thyroid, genetics (but my mom and dad have the thickest hair in the game), stress, and about a million other things.  I know this is a different post for me but I think it’s so important to keep it real.  I love extensions, I’m a fan and a supporter.  But I also am the girl who, when someone compliments my hair, tells them its a weave.  They are very expensive and aren’t a great long-term option for my hair loss.  I also don’t want to set unrealistic expectations or ideals on my blog.  I have insecurities and things I’m battling as well, it’s not all roses but with so much negativity happening in the social media space, I do like to focus on the positives.

As I welcome you all into my life and share my sports experiences, interviews and opinions, I hope you can rely on me to keep it real and authentic too.  I know hair loss is ridiculous compared to what some of you are going through but I just wanted to open up about that and if anyone has any questions I’m happy to try to help and I’m also totally open to any advice if you all have any. I will keep everyone updated on what I find out and how things progress.

Have a great rest of the week!

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