Best Shorts in the Game

The weather here in Dallas is anything but consistent these days but I can feel that spring warmth coming soon.  So it got me thinking (and going through my closet) in search of my denim shorts.  My go-to for any baseball game is a pair of cutoffs and since there are 81 home games in baseball and 162 in the regular season, that’s a lot of opportunity to wear some shorts.  Plus, it’s so hot here in the “fall” I even wear them to Cowboys games.  Depending on your location or plans, shorts are such a solid option.  I linked my 6 new favorite styles below for this summer. But first I wanted to take a minute to walk you through an even easier way to shop my styles:

  1. Download the App in the app store.
  2. Sign in with your Instagram information.
  3. When you screen shot or like a photo on instagram the information will come directly to you in a push notification so you can shop immediately.  It will also be in your feed on your app.  I just posted a photo of the collage below so you can screen shot it and shop it! Or you can be old school and click the links below 😉
Best shorts in the game

Shopping Details:

1. I can’t wait to try these, they’re so cute and with the looser fit, that’s way more my style this season.  Shop here.

2.  Perfect for a game to date night.  Click to shop here.

3. For the gal who wants more coverage and who loves the low-key style, these are a great option.  Shop here.

4. I love these classic shorts in gray.  Not to mention they’re $60!  Shop here.

5. These are a classic for a shorter gal who doesn’t mind a crop.  Since my legs are shorter, I actually opt for shorter shorts to lengthen my legs.  Shop here and they’re under $100!

6.  These are so on trend but also a little roomier for the person who may want more room for nachos.  Shop here.

Now all of these are killer options but I also wanted to mention a shop I found on Etsy called BaileyRayandCo.  They have a ton of vintage Levi’s shorts that you can customize.  And they’re super reasonably priced starting at $29!  So give them a look if you’re looking for classics.

I’m also a HUGE fan of patches and flare this season.  I did a shirt and a pair of jeans myself last year but for spring I’m dying to either make a pair of shorts or try these.

I’ve always been a fan of jean shorts but here are a couple ideas of how you can style them for your next game!

Best Shorts in the game
Best shorts in the game

Have fun at spring training and definitely tag me in your opening day looks!

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