DIY Denim with Patches

I am loving the current patch trend.  I made a shirt a few weeks ago and just finished these jeans.  Stella McCartney is offering an adorable pair for over $800…so I decided to take an old pair of Levis and make them myself!

DIY Denim with Patches

There’s something super sporty about this trend.  I think maybe it’s because patches remind me of a varsity jacket.

DIY Denim with Patches

I found my patches on Amazon. But there are tons of places to snag ones, even custom ones like my “Sports Brat” patch.  Etsy has a huge variety!

If you don’t have an old pair of jeans, you can try this trend on a denim or bomber jacket or a shirt like me!

DIY Denim with Patches

If you take the time to do some shopping you can really personalize these for game day, like I did for the Cowboys.  A little tip…these are all iron on and they stay but I got nervous for washing them so I took them to my local alterations place and she reinforced them with some stitches, you can’t even tell but for more detail add a contrast stitch.

I’ll leave you with my the rest of my outfit details.  My sweater is the most comfy cropped sweater and for someone who has lived in sweaters, I finally learned that cropped is more flattering on my shorter frame but this guy doesn’t show my tummy, so its perfect (and on sale).  I’ve been getting tons of compliments on my glasses, you can snag them here. The rose gold color is super flattering.

Tag me in pics of your own DIY patchwork!

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