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It seems as though there’s a new reason to move every day.  With lists like “America’s Healthiest Cities, America’s Happiest Cities, America’s Best Single Cities” how is a gal supposed to make a decision?  Well for those of you who are competitive and don’t take to losing very gracefully check out this new list from USA Today, “America’s Winningest Cities”.  It may have you packing for a rather surprising new locale.

Here’s how they calculated the winningest sports cities in North America: To qualify, cities had to have at least 2 major sports.  Records were taken from seasons in progress (NFL, NBA, NHL) or the most recently completed season (MLB, MLS).  Each individual team’s winning percentage was calculated, and each sport was given an equal weight in devising an overall winning percentage for the city.  For example, if a city had an NBA team with a win percentage of 75% and an MLB team who finished .500, the city’s winning percentage would be 62.5%.  Team records were calculated on December 4th and playoff records were excluded.

So here is how the list shapped up:

1)   Indianapolis   77.8%

2)   Portland         73.3%

3)   Denver           64.8%

4)   New Orleans  64.0%

5)   Seattle              63.3%

6)   Kansas City    62.8%

7)   San Jose          62.4%

8)   Cincinnati       61.1%

9)   Boston               59.2%

10) Charlotte        58.6%

11)  St. Louis         56.9%

12)  Miami             55.3%

13)  Pittsburgh      55.0%

14)  Phoenix          54.4%

15)  Montreal        54.3%

16)  Dallas              54.1%

17) Los Angeles    53.6%

18)  Detroit            52.5%

19)  Baltimore       51.3%

20) Oakland          50.1%

21)  Chicago           49.0%

22)  Philadelphia  46.9%

23)  Tampa Bay     46.8%

24)   Atlanta            43.9%

25)  Minneapolis   43.1%

26)   Houston          42.8%

27)   New York       42.4%

28)   Toronto          41.2%

29)   Columbus       40.9%

30)  Salt Lake City 40.0%

31)    Cleveland       39.8%

32)   Washington   39.4%

33)    Milwaukee     32.3%

34)    Buffalo            27.4%

Before you start packing or throwing your current or hometown under the bus, remember that this is the current list but that in any given season your team and city can redeem themselves.  Plus, sports are cyclical, so don’t give up your current digs just for a W.  And congrats to those of you already living amongst the winners!  Enjoy it!

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