Why I Quit the Gym, Too

Why I Quit the Gym, Too
TSB founder, Jess Ceresino quit the gym, and, well, so did I. Why? Well, keep reading and find out.

Back in 2017 our founder, Jess Ceresino, shared her reasons for why she quit the gym. Well, I’m here to tell ya, I quit the gym, too. Now let me clarify. I still have my trainer, and I have my Peloton, and now that is it. I canceled my LA Fitness and Anytime Fitness memberships, saying so long to the traditional gym. To be honest, I hadn’t stepped foot in my LA Fitness in *gasp* three years, until I went to cancel. THREE YEARS. Three years worth of membership just down the drain. Here’s the honest truth, I don’t even need that many gym memberships. I’m not a professional workout person who travels the world and needs gym access in every city I go to. I’ve also had my issues with the gym, from them being too overwhelming with people hogging up machines, equipment, etc. But let me explain my reasons.

With my Peloton bike and membership, the two combined is a gym membership. If you haven’t read my original post on the Peloton, check out my thoughts after the first 30 days, here. The membership itself offers yoga, strength, bootcamp, yoga, running, meditation, all of it. With the current social distancing guidelines, it makes things more convenient with the Peloton app and all of its features. Not to mention, the community in Peloton is everything! I can’t tell you how many connections I’ve made just from Peloton. High-fiving with strangers in the middle of a ride, and collecting milestones keeps me going. I don’t think I’ve even spoken to anyone at the regular gyms. I usually tried to get in and get out as quick as possible. But I found a solution.

In 2017, I started going to Sugar Land Fit Life, a small private personal training gym. I quickly realized it was a much better fit for me. Not just because I had a personal trainer, but I could also go in and workout even when I wasn’t meeting with Josh (my trainer). My relationship with working out was much better and I was able to do effectively work out, not sit and wait for people to get off machines that weren’t broken. If you have a LA Fitness membership, you know there is at least one or five stair climbers that have been broken for the last two weeks. Tell me I’m wrong. I’ll wait.

So I quit the gym. What am I down to? Still with Josh at SLFL, still have the Peloton – of course – and I still drop in at HIP Pilates when the schedule matches mine. With all of the at home programs out there, I could totally see people pivoting and dropping their big gym memberships with the new way of living social distancing style. Let me know your thoughts, what home programs are you doing? Are you still heading to your big gym? Let’s discuss! Drop your comments below, or you can always message me on Instagram!


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