30(ish) Days with Peloton

Think you don't have enough space? Bikes can go anywhere. Mine is in my bedroom and I love that spot.
I know, one thing is for sure, I love my Peloton. I can't wait to see what achievements I record throughout the year.

First and absolutely foremost I must say that this is in no way sponsored by Peloton or anyone associated with Peloton. This is brought to you by me! However, I would not mind Peloton sponsoring just a little bit. LOL Hey, a girl has to shoot her shot, right?

ANYWAY! Whew! What a day for me to share this post because today is also the day Peloton had some serious server problems and, let me just say, the internet remains undefeated. Okay, sit back and settle in cause this is a long one. I’ve had my Peloton for 30ish days. At the end of November I received my Peloton bike and let me just say, I am in LOVE with it. Let me give you some back story. I have been stalking to Insta-friends and their love for their Peloton bikes and after months of literally asking them the same questions over and over again to see if they would change their answer (sorry Amy and Melissa) I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one for myself. Now. I ordered my bike long before the outrage of the commercial but let me just say first that this was in no way purchased to be a quick fix to help me lose weight. Let me put things into little bit of perspective. I used to go to spin class all the time. Like, all. The. TIME. I started taking classes at Revolution Studio here in Houston years ago and then I got my first taste of Soul Cycle in 2017 during an annual trip to New York and that changed the game for me. It wasn’t until my first class at the Byrant Park studio that I realized that spin wasn’t what I thought it was. Now I love spin classes. I am a firm believer that you have to have the right instructor and that right instructor must have the right playlist. That’s what makes a great spin class. The two go hand in hand. Anyway, once I returned back to Houston, I couldn’t stop booking Soul classes. A year and about 50 classes later, I found the perfect instructor for me (shout out to Cat G at MEMO and ROTX), and was taking 4-6 classes a month (In retrospect, that doesn’t sound like a lot but I live far from the closest studio so I would go before church and sometimes during the week). I didn’t purchase a package, I would buy classes individually; we’re talking a minimum $120 a month and a 30-40 minute drive each way to class depending on traffic. I took a break and never got back into that groove. I knew Peloton existed but I wasn’t exactly itching to purchase one. Plus, I didn’t know anyone who had one.

Oh, but now I do. Two actually. Oh the power of Instagram. I swear TSB gets me connected to so many different people and their influence. The first person I saw that had one was Melissa (@fitchocoholic) I remember when she ordered it and then she would always post what classes she took. I asked her about it and of course she told me she loved it. Maybe a week or two later, I saw Amy (@essentiallyamylynn) also had one and she has a tread too! I saw she really used her’s a lot (not that Melissa doesn’t, cause she definitely does) but then I really became interested. I thought about it for months. Seriously, I toyed with the idea from about July until November when I literally made the decision and purchased a bike with the works package that was for a Black Friday special they were running early November. So I did it all on my own.

To be completely transparent I financed my bike and have already completed 12 classes in about a months time. That’s triple the amount of classes that I was doing before when going to Soul. Now of course it’s much easier because the bike is legit right next to my bed, but it is already being used more than I am paying a month for it. Since I financed, I pay $66 for the bike (with an additional one year maintenance plan on top of the existing maintenance) and then an additional $40 dollars for the Peloton membership. The membership gives me access to all the classes Peloton has to offer. That’s unlimited cycle, tread, yoga, strength – all of it. That’s right, I’m not limited to just cycling classes! I’ve completed four strength classes as well. I will say my favorites are the live classes because you are literally in the class. There are live classes, and of course you have access to all classes in the library. Also! You can follow friends and ride together. Yep, no matter where your friend is, you are literally taking class together. Another fun thing – Peloton awards you little achievement stickers and has monthly challenges. I know, I love it!

Overall, I am really pleased with my decision to purchase a Peloton. It has created more accountability on my part, I can make a schedule and stick to it. If you are thinking about purchasing, please message me, I have no issues with answering questions. Trust me, I questioned my friends to death about it. Sorry, not sorry, ladies.

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