Where’d You Get That Top From?!

I’m constantly asked where I’m getting my clothes from and most of the time my answers are pretty predictable.

I like to refer to myself as a glam tomboy when it comes to fashion. I like to be comfortable but will quickly glam something up with a heel and a red lip. One can frequently see me in faux leather leggings and sneaks, but will switch it up every now and then. I have a closet full of jeans, tees, hoodies, cardigans, denim jackets – comfortable items that I can easily dress up. While comfort is always key, I am a lover of high heels, makeup, and everything glam. You may remember when I posted this look on the ‘Gram. I had so many DMs about that black on black Clutch hoodie from Running Game. 

Here's to hoping my team wins...
Here’s to hoping my team wins…

You know I am definitely one to dress up a hoodie and jeans with a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps.

Where am I going with this? I was cleaning out my closet the other day, which may just put it out there that was a task I gave up on mid cleaning. I started realizing that I have so much clothing that I’ve either worn once, don’t ever wear, and then I have the pieces that I wear until there are holes in them. Even then, I’m still hesitant to let them go. Is that any of you? I have so many pieces that I am obsessed with! Cardigans that are well-worn and years old, jeans that have more distressing than that came with them, and tshirts from before college. I got to thinking about all of the money I have spent on clothes in the past year. I probably would have a down payment on a house by now, but no – that down payment is sitting in my closet, unworn. While I was looking at all of the items I was handing over to the various shelters and centers around town, I realized that they all came from big brands like Express, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Nordstrom and others. The things I was keeping were all from my favorite local and online boutiques. Of course I still love these stores (who doesn’t love Anthropologie? It’s just beautiful to be in…), Express always has good staple pieces, but so do many small businesses.

So I want to share with you my favorite online shops for everyday wear, and my favorite game day apparel. I only like sharing with you all the businesses I actually support. Not to mention all of these have amazing ladies working extremely hard and I’m ride or die for my lady babe bosses. In no particular order, from general style to game day, here are the businesses that I am frequenting lately.

Vogue Society Boutique: Kait and her mom Sharon are just amazing. I found their store while I was browsing a Create & Cultivate discussion thread. I immediately started following Kait and the store and I basically haven’t looked back. I swear to you I have ordered from them so many times, sometimes twice in one day. What is even cooler is they host Facebook Live Sales on Wednesdays. Get your wallets ready. If you’ve never shopped VSB, use the code DANI15 for 15% off you first online purchase. You’re going to want the whole store so, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Flying Colors Apparel: Flying Colors recently landed on my radar. They have the cutest everyday clothing, college licensed apparel and you can shop their store by color. Check out my recent blog post about FC here. I could literally purchase the entire Oklahoma and crimson collections. If you go back to the FC blog post, I list out all of the schools that are offered. Even if your school isn’t one of them, you can shop the color, so head this way!

Madida Clothing: Remember that custom denim jacket I wore a few weeks back? That was designed by the amazing ladies at Madida. I first stumbled across Madida while scrolling through Instagram (shocker) and I feel in love with the style of their clothes and of course the price range. I like to keep my wardrobe hi-lo with the high end being toward accessories, and the lo being clothes. Considering fashion is always changing, I hate spending a bunch on clothes, unless it is a staple piece that will never go out of style.

The Game Day Chic: Y’all know I love a graphic tee especially when they are sports themed. Andrea at TGDC has so many cute options for those of you that frequent the ballpark, stadium or arena. Many of you may remember my collab tee with TGDC (or when I had her as my first Brat Behavior feature). The tee is no longer available but there are so many that are you will love. I’m nawt exaggerating.


What are some of your favorite online boutiques to shop from? Let me know!




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