Brat Behavior: Andrea of The GameDay Chic

Let’s get one thing clear, being a sports brat is a lifestyle. Most of us were born this way; born with a love for sport, but also love to add that extra umph, glam, and flair. In TSB’s new series, Brat Behavior, I am getting to know the Sports Brats that are all over the country. Hey, there are many of us out there! First up is Andrea Head of The GameDay Chic. The GameDay Chic is a game day apparel and accessories shop that you can shop online.
How would you describe your personal game day style?
I love a good tee or sweatshirt (depending on the season).  In the summer you will find me in shorts, converse, a gameday tee (I typically stick to neutral color so I go to multiple games using the same tee) and a flannel tied around my waist that matches the team colors.  In the fall or colder months, I’m all about that cozy sweatshirt life; leggings and boots.
#Teamcozy over here! Who is your favorite team?
Chicago Cubbies all the way!  #baseballforlife
For NFL, I’m originally from Dallas so I have to rep my Dallas Cowboys but the Bears are a close second.
For college, Georgia Bulldogs #GODAWGS I didn’t go there, but all my husband watches for college gameday is Georgia football so, in order to avoid fights, I roll with it.  😉
It’s not a game day without all the food. What are your go-to stadium snacks:
Always beer and a dog.  The best hotdogs around are at Wrigley so if you’re in town, make that a priority.
Favorite watch party/tailgate recipes:
Every year, my husband and I used to throw a Superbowl party at our house in Dallas but since we recently moved to Chicago and don’t have the space, we have to skip out on it now.  I love pickle dip!  Sounds gross but its amazing with Fritos.  And of course my QB queso– Velveeta white queso, breakfast sausage, cream cheese in the crockpot.  Who doesn’t love cheese?
We all have our own special sports love story. How did you get into sports? 
My love for sports started with college football.  After high school, I would always go visit my friends at their school and go to the games. I went to a small college in Dallas that didn’t have a football team (UNT), so I made it a point to go visit friends at Baylor, Texas Tech, A&M and UT.
What defining moment made you start The GameDay Chic
I  love telling people how I started my business.  One day, my husband bought us tickets to go to a local football game and I quickly ran out to do what any fashion conscious girl would do; try to a find a cute new shirt to wear. Duh!  I went to multiple stores and all I could find were the same things over and over again.  Scratchy, oversized and manly looking t-shirts that I knew would get one wear and be tossed in the bottom of my drawer. At that moment, I knew that if I had that problem, a lot of other girls did to so I did what any wannabe entrepreneur would do and start a business! Every business is born by trying to find a solution to a problem.  I found a problem in the industry and went from there.
Andrea is definitely doing her thang over at The GameDay Chic. I have obviously been one who has despised the boxy and masculine tees that are generally available in stadium stores and online shops. But Andrea is producing feminine and comfortable pieces that you’ll be able to wear multiple times. You can find Andrea on Instagram for The GameDay Chic  and her lifestyle blog The Daily Chic Blog. You can also access The Daily Chic Blog here.
Stay tuned for our next feature on Brat Behavior, soon!
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