Wheels Up

Road Trip

I haven’t been traveling as much this year but things are just about to start getting busy.  As I was gearing up for my trip to Palo Alto, I figured I’d share what’s in my carry on.  Here’s a peek at what’s in my bag.

Road Trip
Wheels Up
  1. Phone charger – I have one in every bag.
  2. Noise-canceling headphones – I was very late to this party but now, I have to have them.  But I do still travel with my apple earbuds, they’re the only ones I can run in.
  3. My travel recorder – You never know when you’ll get an opportunity, so I like to be prepared.
  4. Camera – sadly, Elizabeth, my friend/photographer isn’t going to PA with me (fun fact, our dad’s played there together!!)
  5. Laptop – It’s a must since I’m working on the blog most days.
  6. Reading material – I’m almost finished with Andi’s book and I’m going to be picking up Phil Knight’s memoir for the way back.
  7. My notepad – True story, I still use a notepad for brainstorms.
  8. Carry-on Cocktail kit – When I saw this gem I bought a bunch, say sayonara to yucky airplane “cocktails” and wine with this kit you’ll have a yummy moscow mule before they even start the movie.  (They also offer a bloody mary, old fashioned, hot toddy, champagne cocktail and gin&tonic)
Road Trip
Wheels Up

Not pictured:

  1. I always carry my make up in my carry on just in case anything happens, I need that!
  2. A Kind bar.  I get HANGRY.
  3. Chapstick, a hairbrush and a hair tie.  These are essentials in every bag I own.
  4. Gum.  I have a real fear that I have halitosis.  Always trying to keep it real and keep it fresh.
Wheels Up
Wheels Up

That’s about it! Make sure you follow along on my insta stories and snapchat, I’ll be posting all weekend from the tailgate to the field.  Can’t wait!

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