What is Happening in the AL East?

There's some weird stuff happening in the American League East and I'm sharing my thoughts about it.

It’s been a little over a month and this baseball season has already got me confused as hell. I’m not kidding. The defending World Champs are well under .500, my boys in pinstripes are basically broken (I basically cried when Judge went out on Saturday), and Tampa Bay is leading. Um, what?! Okay. I know they just swept Tampa Bay and all but in all honesty, what is going on with Boston? The fact that I’m even curious (although not really), is saying something. But I have a few questions as we go into this week.

Who put the voodoo on the Yankees?! Who are you? I need a word. I promise I won’t get volatile. It was bad enough that we were already down with DiDi and Hicks out. But then you (whoever you are) messed around and took Giancarlo out. Gary. Andujar. Someone mentioned Ellsbury and I said he doesn’t count… But come on the entire starting lineup basically?! Not all, but pretty much. Now Judge? Now you got me messed up. Whoever you are playing around with black magic, I will find you and it won’t be pretty. Please stop the madness. It’s not funny anymore. Anyway, I hope I don’t have to hear “next man up” again on the west coast.

My tickets for the Rays/Red Sox matchup might actually be a better game than I originally anticipated. When I purchased my tickets I thought, meh Boston is playing the Rays, ehhhh whatever, okay. Ha! Boy, was I completely wrong. This might actually be a really good game, considering the Rays are leading the AL East at this point, with the Yanks in second, 2.5 games behind. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe Boston will be slumping much longer. I really thought they’d come out playing all swaggy and stuff since they are the reigning champs and all. They just have to get their groove back, like Stella. That leads me to my third observation…

So the Rays are leading the AL East?! If you told me the Rays would be leading the AL East the last week in April I would have rolled my eyes, laughed at you and walked away. That’s in no way disrespecting the Rays -it’s just not what I expected. I thought for sure it would be as it usually is, Boston and New York flexing at the top – especially Boston considering their World Champs and all…how many times will I mention that in this post.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I’m headed to Boston on Friday morning, I will see them take on Tampa Bay Saturday. Make sure you tune into my Instagram story for all of the highlights and shenanigans while in Boston.

One more thing, should I do a Los Angeles baseball trip this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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