What I’m Watching This Weekend 10/4-7

It's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend! I'm staying in and watching all the games on tv. Here's what I'm watching.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while. I’m getting on my couch and I’m not moving. Except for about a 3 hour window when I’m with students, #teacherlife. Since I am unsure when Dish Network will get FOX back, I’m limited to the ABC, ESPN and NBC games. I am having a bit of panic considering OU/TX is on FOX, baseball is on FOX…and I don’t have FOX. Dish, FIX THIS. Anyway, here’s what I’m watching this weekend.


Tampa Bay @ Houston: Not really watching (it’s during the day at 1 pm), but will be following. I’m interested to see how Tampa storms into Houston after they beat the A’s Wednesday night. I thought Oakland would have been playing Houston, but, look at Tampa coming to play. This will be a fun series to watch in Tampa can hang tough with Houston.

Minnesota @ New York: My boys are ready to play and Paxton is getting the start against Berríos. I’m more curious about CC Sabathia – he’s not pitching this series, and some people are saying probably never again, I’m going to stop now, cause I will cry.


Saturdays are for college football but baseball is gonna get some love too.

NCAAF Oklahoma @ Kansas: Of course I’m watching my alma mater, I wanna see what dazzling numbers Jaylen Hurts is going to put up this week! But really, Jaylen Hurts has been so fun to watch. Many people have asked me what I thought of him and ever since I saw him play against Houston and his post game interview, I was a fan. He’s smart, and focused and I’m excited to see how this season plays out for Jaylen and the Sooners.

NCAAF Texas @ West Virginia: Texas will win this one.

NCAAF Auburn @ Florida: I’m taking Florida.

NCAAF Ohio State @ Michigan State: I’m going with the Buckeyes – per usual.

MLB Minnesota @ New York


NFL Ravens @ Steelers

NFL Broncos @ Chargers

MLB Dodgers @ Nationals: Might ditch my diet and order pizza for this game.

NFL Colts @ Chiefs: I love me some Chiefs these days…


MLB New York @ Minnesota

NFL Cleveland Browns @ San Francisco 49ers

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