#WCW: Badass Women Edition

On this #WCW we want to pay tribute to some badass ladies in sports.  Nowadays, women dominating in the world of professional sports is no big deal, but it was not always that way. For years women have fought to be taken seriously as athletes and finally so many female athletes are being recognized for being the hardcore babes that they truly are! We have put together a list of women who perfectly embody what it truly means to be innovators and total badasses.

Ronda Rousey


If you missed it, Ronda Rousey reclaimed her UFC world champion title a couple of weekends ago with a 16 – second knockout against Alexis Davis. As if her victory wasn’t as sweet enough, she still remains to be undefeated. It is no secret that Rousey is an impressive fighter, however her influence has gone much further than the mat. As a woman making headlines in a predominately male dominated sport and profession, Rousey is a making some serous strides for women as a whole in the world of sports. We deem Rousey worthy of total basassery!

Danica Patrick


Danica Patrick has become a household name due to her bravery and skill as a driver. Being the only woman in what was considered a male only sport, Danica has truly changed the world of NASCAR, and this fact alone makes Danica an all-star in our book! Recently, Danica participated in the Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, FL where she finished 8th after a seriously dangerous race as she dodged several crashes and collisions. Danica continues to prove herself worthy of being the best in her sport all while paving the way for women who are ready to give NASCAR a go!

Gina Carano


This MMA babe is known for being a badass for more reasons than one. Carano took the world of competitive mixed martial arts by storm in 2006 and shortly after made a transition to starring in major motion pictures like Fast and Furious 6 and Expendables. Carano is loved by so many because of her obvious skill and ability, but also because she has proved that women can do anything and everything. Carano has pushed boundaries as an MMA fighter and has done some serious ground work for the advancement women everywhere.

Serena Williams 


It’s obvious why Serena Williams would make our list right? For years she has been utterly dominating the world of professional tennis and it just wouldn’t be right if we did not give her recognition for her amazing career. As a woman Williams has broken down barriers in her profession, demanding respect as an athlete. She is proved over and over again that she is the best at what she does and has recently shown her skill in the 2014 Wimbledon games.

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana


This California native has made some serious waves in the world of professional skateboarding, making her (without a doubt) a badass. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana remains to be at the forefront of a very small group of female skaters in a male dominated sport. One of the most remarkable aspects of Hawkins’s career is the fact that she is the first female to skate the DC Mega Ramp! She is truly a force to be reckoned with as she defies the standards placed on women skaters.

Check out this video of Hawkins skating in her latest endeavor on the Nitro Circus Live tour.

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