Our Top 5 Dunks

In honor of last night’s NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, we’ve highlighted our top 5 dunks of all time just for kicks.  Here they are in no particular order.

DeAndre Jordan:

Blake Griffin may be the man known for dunking on the LA Clippers, but DeAndre Jordan absolutely embarrassed Brandon Knight in March of 2013 with this one…

Blake Griffin:

In the 2011 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest, Blake jumps over a Kia (that teammate Baron Davis is in lol) at their home arena, The Staples Center.  Check it out…

Julius Erving:

Julius, aka Dr. J, was known for his dunking ability but check out his dunk over Michael Cooper.  For those of you know may not be as well-versed in old school NBA history, Cooper was one of the best defensive players in the game at the time, making Dr. J’s jam all the more impressive!

Michael Jordan:

Superstar Jordan had so many epic moments in his career, so picking a favorite dunk was tricky.  You may not know but he had a rivalry with Patrick Ewing and when asked what the most memorable dunk of his career is, Jordan picks this one…and so do we!

LeBron James:

I mean LeBron is just an absolute animal…no wonder they call him “The King”.  The guy has tons of dunks to choose from (just like Jordan) but our fav was when he dunked on 6 foot 11 Kevin Garnett.

So that wraps up our top 5 dunks.  We’ll let you pick which one is your number 1.

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