Top 10 Sports Movies…EVER

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There’s nothing like a great game but there’s also nothing like a great movie.  When you combine the two, does it get any better?  Nope.  So the next time your team’s got the night off and you’re looking to Netflix and chill, here’s my list of the top 10 sports movies. *Please note it was incredibly difficult to cut this to 10.

Movie Buddy
Movie Buddy
  1. Rudy – This based-on-a-true-story football film is set at Notre Dame.  It’s a tale of hard work, humility and teamwork.  You can’t help cheering for Rudy yourself.  Oh, and I still cry every time.
  2. The Sandlot – I’m pretty sure we all use one-liners from this hilariously addictive flick showcasing a group of young boys and their love for baseball over one summer.
  3. Remember the Titans – Set in the 1970s, this football film spotlights a group of high-schoolers who overcome hurdles on and off the field.  Another tear-jerker!
  4. A League of Their Own – When the boys get drafted to serve in WWII, the ladies are left to fill their cleats.  These girls can keep up with the boys!  Keep the tissues close.
  5. Ladybugs – Two words. Jonathan Brandis.  The teen heartthrob plays a boy who pretends to be a girl to help out a coach’s struggling soccer team.  I heart the 90s.  And yes this is a chick flick.
  6. For Love of the Game – Kevin Costner stars as a pitcher at the end of his career struggling to balance his love for baseball and his real-life love. Yes, you guessed it, major sob fest.
  7. Caddyshack – Finally a funny one! This cult-classic is a good ole slapstick comedy carried by Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and a gopher.  It’s also the most entertaining golf you’ll watch on TV!
  8. The Cutting Edge – I may or may not have watched this one 300 times.  This love story set on ice is not a tear-jerker but just a great rom-com.
  9. Varsity Blues – This racy movie provides a glimpse at high school football in Texas.  Oh it’s how I learned what a whip cream bikini was.
  10. Cool Runnings – There is no way to feel bad after watching this movie.  Based on a true story, you’ll come away smiling and so motivated seeing what the Jamaican bobsled team accomplished.

Trust me I had such a hard time narrowing it down.  I love sports movies.  But I also wanted to give an honorable mention to “Senna” a documentary (which is why I didn’t include it).  It is one of my favorite movies of all time.  You must give it a watch.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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