The Verb Hotel at Fenway Park

When you wanna wakeup next to Fenway, stay at The Verb.

When Boston gives you cold, rainy and grey, The Verb Hotel gives you boutique, chic and cheers. Charming, and fit for a music junkie and baseball lover is how I would describe The Verb Hotel. I was prepared for cooler temps in Boston, but I was not prepared for the crazy downpours that would occur. Brat Travel Tip: If you are going to travel to Boston in April (I was there the last weekend in April) make sure you pack for rain, cold and well, everything. You just never know. I was warned that it would be chilly, but this southerner was not exactly sure considering the weather forecast changed every day leading up to my departure. Literally. Weather aside, it was fun being in Boston to visit friends and of course see Fenway Park.

The Verb Hotel At Fenway Park

I stayed at The Verb Hotel. This music-themed boutique hotel sits right behind Fenway Park. When booking my room, I requested a Stadium King with views of the ballpark. When I got to my room – with a key that looked like a backstage pass, I didn’t realize that outside my window would be Fenway. It was perfect! No need to worry about an Uber to the ballpark as all you have to do is walk out the front doors and around the corner and you’re. This place is very quiet (I had no idea if anyone was staying next to me or not, although the hotel was completely booked), two stories with music memorabilia everywhere, and has restaurants and stores surrounding it. Need an emergency trip to Sephora? It’s two blocks away. Gotta grab some necessities at Target? It’s close to Sephora. This location is perfect for any girl. 🙂 Want some coffee and a donut? I’ve got a place for you, just hold tight. Overall, The Verb Hotel is reasonably priced and in the center of it all if you are in town for a Red Sox game.

One thing you may want to consider…

DoorDash, UberEats, etcetera take FOREVER to deliver. I ordered Insomnia Cookie (as I usually do) and it arrived an hour later than it was supposed to. A fellow guest in the hotel said that it took them two hours to get a pizza delivered. This could be for game time reasons, weather, driver got lost, I don’t know. But that’s something you may want to keep in mind should you stay at The Verb. Considering there are several restaurants around the hotel in walking distance, and Hojoko (a sushi spot) in the hotel itself. So there are alternatives for food other than delivery. But I completely understand wanting to get the delivery after a long day out and about and you don’t feel like sitting at a restaurant.

Fenway Park

I get yelled at for trying to get this picture

Okay. I had some serious expectations for Fenway. And if I had to describe it in one word, I would say, cute and charming. Fine, that was two words. Before I get into my stadium experience, I have to mention that I was super excited for this game, because it was turning out to be a better billing than I originally thought. When I got my tickets before the season started, I was thinking, “Oh, it’s just the Rays, that’ll be a butt whoopin”, but little did I know that the Rays would be leading the division and the Red Sox would be on the struggle bus. So, this turned out to be much more exciting than I thought. I fully expected Boston to come out swinging, but David Price gave up a home run first at-bat in the inning. So the struggles continued, but that’s okay they’ll get it together.

I enjoyed my time at Fenway overall, despite getting yelled at for trying to take a picture. If you’ve never been to Fenway, it is a small ballpark, and the Green Monster really is a monster. If I ever go back, I want to sit in the seats in the outfield or the Green Monster because I really like the view of a baseball field from the outfield. I sat in the Lodge Box Section 117, however you could sit anywhere and the view would be perfect. There really isn’t a bad section. If I could do it again I would choose a different section and/or row, because we were in the front row and people would walk back and forth which got very annoying.

Stadium eats are my favorite subject – you know this. It was a cold and drizzly game, so I had hot chocolate to keep me semi-warm. I was freezing regardless. I was starving so don’t judge me here. I had chicken tenders and fries (duh) and buffalo tater tots. The buffalo tater tots were kind of cold so they weren’t my favorite and the tenders were like all stadium tenders and you can’t go wrong with tenders. My friend Bethany got the pizza, which I wish I had got as well, cause then it would have been hot, and would have added some warmth. Maybe, maybe not. Inside that ballpark is Tasty Burger (there’s a stand and someone walking around in the seats area), hot dogs, chowder (how Boston), pretzels, everything. I was going to get Tasty Burger but I opted to wait until after the game. When I return to Fenway, I’m sitting in the Green Monster, and going during the summer. 🙂

Eats – All of the following places except for one is in walking distance of  The Verb Hotel.

Sometime's You Wanna Go. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name! Head over to Beacon Hill and check out Cheers! I feel like if you’re going to do any touristy thing in Boston, you should go to Cheers and have a snack or dinner. It’s nostalgic and fun, and it made me want to watch Nick at Night when I got home. I had the onion rings as an appetizer and fish and chips. Food is pretty decent but to be honest, you’re there to say you’ve been to Cheers. It’s cozy and quaint and a fun hangout. I would go back if anyone wants to go. PS – you can go to the set bar, where they filmed and before you walk in the door, the theme song is playing…Made me so happy.



Hungry for donuts? Head to Blackbird. One, you can walk to it from The Verb Hotel, there are several donut flavors that everyone will be happy, and they’re just so good. I washed mine down with a cold brew…I’m getting hungry thinking about them now. I ordered 6 donuts (yes, check your judgment elsewhere), and enjoyed each and every one of them. The Blackbird, Orange Cranberry Fritter, Orange Mango Chili, Vanilla Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar Mini Stack (the three littles pictured) and Chocolate Old Fashioned made up my order and I can’t even complain. I want to go back and try the rest of the menu and get another fritter. Do yourself a favor and stop here if you are love donuts. I’m so glad I was able to taste these, because I would lose my sense of taste as the day went on due to the monster cold/flu/whatever that I had.

Tasty Burger. To be completely honest, I was sick while I was in Boston, and by the end of the day on that second day I was in town, I could partially hear, couldn’t taste anything or smell. But I was hungry (as usual) and had to try Tasty Burger. It looked amazing – I had the jalapeno burger, and while I could tell something had some spice to it, I couldn’t exactly fully get the experience and enjoy it since I was sick. I’m assuming it was amazing since the place was backed at game’s end.

Tasty Burger Is A Must

Other places to eat include Blaze Pizza, Tony C’s Sports Bar and Honeygrow, Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar to name a few. If you want to get a work out in, check out Handle Bar and CorePower Yoga, less than a block away from The Verb Hotel.

Overall, The Verb Hotel at Fenway has so much to offer if you are in town for a game. There is a variety of food options and things to do all around, even if you aren’t into baseball, but if you are, this is the place to be. Boston you were charming and great, and definitely, have your own personality. Until we meet again, Bean Town.

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