Texas Road Trip

I’m not sure where else to begin my Texas road trip recap than from the beginning.  Let’s just say we had a jam-packed weekend.  So let’s get to it.

My mama came in from San Diego to the big D for Mother’s day weekend.  For those of you who don’t know, I work part-time at a radio station here in Dallas so my sweet mama came to work with me for a few hours before we took off.

I mention this part of the story because people in the office are still talking about how delightful she is, I’m so lucky!  But anyways, we took off after work for sweet San Antonio.  Our Big 12 soccer tournament was there every year but I haven’t been back since 2003, so quite honestly, I didn’t really remember what to expect.

The drive was a little brutal because there’s a 2 lane road between Waco and Austin but we found this toll road that made things easier.  We rolled in pretty late, around 11 to the hotel.

So of course, since its me, there’s already a story.  While doing my research I saw that there was this incredible hotel but it was a little pricey, so I opted for the one across the river from it, knowing they were owned by the same company, I figured it would be a nice option.

We pull in and the hotel reminds me a little of Vegas, it’s a covered parking and there’s A LOT going on.  It’s an older, Spanish-style hotel and I was loving it.  We got to our room, however, and that was a different story.  It was a sad little room, but that was the least of our concerns, the loud partying in the adjoining room made me nervous, but even more, we shared a balcony.  So these drunkies were coming up to the door and it was just super unsettling since there wasn’t even a proper lock on the door.  My mom and I are hardly picky but this was too much.  We asked to switch rooms but the entire hotel was sold out.

This is when I remembered the hotel across the way.  I asked if they had a room and they did.  We transferred over (at a slightly higher rate).  You guys, I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a completely different world.  The oak lobby was pristine and most noticeably, quite.

Our room was stunning (so what if our view was of the AC unit on the roof).  We crashed hard.  The next morning I woke up first and went to see the workout room.  When I arrived on the top floor, the elevator opened to the pool, it was a perfectly sunny morning so it kind of took my breath for a moment.

I made my way to the fitness center and was floored again.  It has everything, yet wasn’t too big.  I got in a killer workout and went to grab coffee for my mom.  I figured the river walk was the place to get it.

I was again stunned when I stepped out of the hotel.  The river walk was like Disneyland, it was so different from I remembered.  PS I’m not a Disney fan but you have to admit those rides are aesthetically incredible.  So yeah, this is what it looked like.

San Antonio River Walk
Mama and I on the River Walk

(Outfit Details: Shirt no longer available but here’s something similar, bag, sunglasses, shorts, sandals, Mama’s necklace was a gift from me, it’s so cute I think!)

Ok so I ended up just grabbing coffee to go for us at restaurant in the bottom of our hotel.  I went back up to the room and rinsed off and we went back down for breakfast.  It was idyllic.  Super sunny, people strolling and a rather yummy breakfast.

We decided to head out to see the Alamo first and check that off our list.  It was a quick 5 minute walk, we snapped some pics and made our way back to the River Walk.  We spent some time shopping and walking before deciding to check out the spa.

I remembered from my hotel research that the spa at this hotel was supposed to be great.  We popped in to see if they had any room for us and they did! So we booked a late afternoon service.  I had told my mom about the pool and how much I needed some sun so we spent 2 peaceful hours lounging by the pool before our spa services.  I also have to point out that there were some celeb sightings at our hotel, I’m not one to blow people up but if you’re into that definitely check out the Mokara in San Antonio.

Let’s talk about the spa.  It was perfection.  My massage was incredible.  But I think my 2 favorite parts were the candles they used to fill the air with the sweetest scent (I took some home they were that good) and the spa “water.”  If you’ve been to Mexico you may have tried agua frescas, they’re a mix of water and juice essentially and they’re incredible.  They had a watermelon one that I could not get enough of.  The spa was definitely worth the splurge!

We finished out day with Mexican food and a couple of margs on the river before turning in early. The next morning, we got up early, I got another workout in and we had the same little breakfast downstairs before we took off.

The walk outside Mokara

We then took off for Austin.  Again, I played there in college but didn’t remember much (aside from winning GO BUFFS!).  It was a super quick trip but I had talked up Buc-ees to my mom so much we had to stop there.  And of course, I love a mascot!

Mom and I at Buc-ees

(Outfit details: sneakers)

We made it to Austin super quickly and checked into the historic Driskill hotel.  It’s an old hotel with so much charm but also I think it may be haunted.  We had the weirdest things happening with the lights all night! Or it could be old electrical wires I suppose.

Old hallways at the Driskill in Austin
So much charm at the Driskill hotel

Their bar was so Texas, with cowhide bar stools, dark oak and marble floors.  It was so cool.  If you’re looking for history, this is a great place. But I will say, 6th street was a little quiet on a Sunday.  I think next time I’d like to try staying on South Congress.

While we were having lunch it hit me, Friday Night Lights was filmed in Austin.  I LOVE Friday Night Lights.  So I asked mama, and she was down to go on our own little tour.  I Googled and was able to find some of the locations.  We started with Panther Field located in Pflugerville, TX.  Little fun known fact about Pflugerville, everything that starts with an “F” like the “field” is titled with a P.  So the field there was the Pfield.  It cracked me up!

FNL Tour: Panther Field

If you want to take the tour Panther field is located at 1301 W Pecan St., Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Then we went to Panther Field House.

Panther Field House

Here’s the address for Panther Field House: 7 Flow Lane , Del Valle, TX 78617.  It’s by the airport and kinda tricky so go super slow, it’s a tiny road.  We missed it on the first try.

We then went to look at the cast’s houses but had a little trouble.  God bless the Riggins house for many reasons, but namely that they keep the Riggins sign up in their window! So cool.

Tim Riggins’ House

Now, I couldn’t confirm but I think Lyla Garrity’s house was on the corner right before you turn onto this street.  The address for Tim’s house is 2604 Lehigh Drive, Austin, TX.  The Taylor’s house is super close by but they had some political signage our front that I didn’t think would be great for the blog and the neighbors were out front not loving me being there so I didn’t get a picture but the address is 6805 De Paul Cove, Austin, TX.

I was super excited to see the Saracen house but when we arrived, there was nothing there but an empty lot.  Such a bummer that it’s been torn down.

If you want to see any of the other filming locations, this blog has them all!

After a surprisingly yummy dinner in the Driskill bar we turned in early again.  All I’ve heard the whole time I’ve been in Texas is how bad the traffic is in Austin. My mom had a plane to catch out of DFW and we wanted to stop in Waco at the Magnolia Silos so we got up early and left by 7:30.

We literally didn’t hit any traffic.  It was so easy, but the southbound lanes were jammed. We got to the Silos right when they opened at about 9.  If you don’t watch Fixer Upper on HGTV you’re missing out.  I’ve been before but this was mama’s first time.

Magnolia Silos Waco, TX

I could go on and on but here’s what you need to know, there’s cute home décor inside but the outside is my favorite part, there’s a garden area, food trucks, a grass play area, swings and more.

Home goods from Magnolia Silos
Magnolia Silos
Garden at the Silos
Lounging at the Silos

(Outfit Details: Dress, sandals, sunglasses, bag)

Herbs at the Silos

It’s such a fantastic place and when I went last year, the bakery wasn’t open yet so I was actually really pumped to finally get to try the bakery.

Silos Baking Co.

I snagged a few things to take home to B but shockingly my favorite thing was the gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, it was by far better than the cupcake and regular chocolate chip cookie.  I know this is crazy but trust me.  I’m not gluten free but B loves oatmeal so that’s why I got it.  It was amazing.

I think that sums up our trip. We made it home super quickly too.  If you’re in this part of Texas I highly recommend everything I just posted about.  The only disappointment was I thought I would be in San Antonio for a game but we missed it since the Spurs locked it up in 6 and started the next series at Golden State.  Oh well 🙂

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

The perfect Texas Road Trip
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