Super Bowl Party Hostess Gift Ideas

You may think bringing food and beer is enough to this year’s Super Bowl party but as someone who loves to host and hosts parties often, it’s so nice when someone brings a hostess gift.  Just something small to show how much they appreciate the, well, hosting.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just a little something to say an extra thanks.  Here are my ideas for Super Bowl hostess gifts.


Super Bowl Hostess Gift Ideas
  1. Football Wine Bag (and wine of course).
  2. Tailgate Candle.  I was obsessed with one from Bath & Body Works but they seem to have discontinued it (RUDE).  But if you nothing else this is a cute addition to the Super Bowl spread.
  3. The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook.  Trust me any hostess or host will love this cook book for game day ideas.
  4. Football hot pad holder and tea towel. Any chef would love these in their kitchen.
  5. Football and Ref kitchen towels.  How cute are these for game day?
  6. Football Mason Jars. Follow my super easy DIY guide to make these for your host/hostess.
  7. Football flowers.  These are a totally unexpected surprise for any football-loving hostess!
  8. Football Doormat.  How cute is this? I want, I want, I want!
  9. Football Playbook Glasses.  These are so cool, plus they offer a little cheat sheet for the newer fans.
  10. Custom M&M’s.  These are one of my favorite things for any occasion!

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!!

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