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Feeling like your bank account took a serious holiday hit?!  Yeah, us too.  We love the holidays but between new party looks, travel and gifts, they can leave you feeling like you’re back in college eating ramen noodles every night.  And the worst part is that between the college bowl schedule, NFL playoffs, college hoops, the NBA and the NHL there are so many exciting games that you want to go to.  But tickets can be super pricey, especially as seasons come to an end (um have you ever seen a super bowl ticket price?!?).  So here are our tips and tricks to save some money while still having a blast rooting on your team!

1) Host a Watch Party

While inviting guests over to your pad for the game is technically free, if you’re planning on providing all the grub, it can be quite costly.  So we recommend that you make it a potluck style where everyone brings a tailgate treat to minimize costs.

Also, now that we’re in the NFL playoffs, you don’t have to worry about not getting a game, they’re all national broadcasts.  So now’s your time to capitalize!

2) Head to the local bar

This may seem super obvious, but our trick is for you to swap the stadium for the local pub by organizing a large group of friends to take over one of the local spots.  This will create that live-game experience will all the high-fiving and smack talking of the real stadium.  Plus, many establishments will work out deals with large parties who reserve an area, so make sure to channel your inner legal prowess and negotiate!

3) Head to the Stadium to Tailgate, but Then Watch the Game from the Couch

If you absolutely have to go to the stadium, just go for the tailgate.  All of the fans will be so excited for the game, they’re most likely to welcome everyone who comes by their spot.  So you can shamelessly scrounge bevys and some snacks while meeting new people in your hometown.  Not a bad way to go!  But, us gals at The Sports Brat do believe in Karma, so make sure you either bring something along to contribute or host a tailgate at some point and invite fellow stragglers to join.

4) Check for Alumni or Official Watch Parties

If you’re a huge college sports fan, check out Facebook and alumni sites for the “designated” bars or parties in your town for your alma mater.  These parties are so fun because you’re with fellow fans and alums at an organized event where you don’t have to do any of the planning or providing.  Plus, if you make it a ritual to go to each game, you can make some solid new pals! (ABN: Always Be Networking).

5) Wait til the Last Minute to Scalp Tickets 

If you simply cannot miss the game we recommend a couple of tactics to minimize your ticket cost.

1) Check craigslist:  This can be super effective but also you can be easily scammed.  Often times people get sick or something comes up and they need to off load their tickets so they will post to Craigslist last minute.  Make sure it’s legit before you head to a dark alley to pick up the tix.

2) Head to the venue:  This is more of a high risk/high reward option.  We suggest heading to the venue a little while before the game tips off to see if anyone is trying to off load their tickets.  A little trick: wait til the game has started, if you head there a little way into the game, say half way through the first quarter, scalpers will be dying to get rid of tickets.  However, depending on the game, it may be an actual sell out or they may not be offered as low as you would like, so like we said, high risk/high reward.

3) Don’t forget your own network:  Log onto your one million social media pages and post that you’re looking for tickets.  You never know who may see your post and be able to help.  Plus friends are trustworthy and generally not looking to make money on you.

Happy hunting ladies!

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