Richard Sherman’s Post Game Interview

In case you missed the games yesterday, Denver trumped New England in the Mile High City 26-16 to secure their spot in the Super Bowl on February 2nd.  If you were a fan of either team, then I’m sure you were on edge through most of the game but the second game of the day proved to be the thriller.

Seattle hosted San Francisco last night at CentruryLink Field, a place known for its noise.  They even have a tradition called the “12th Man” which indicates how helpful their fans are to the team by creating such noise and distraction.  Well that proved to be the case again yesterday.  As if the suspense wasn’t enough all game long, the final play of the game came down to a long pass from QB Colin Kaepernik.  He intended to hit receiver Michael Crabtree but CB  Richard Sherman broke up the play.

Now sometimes when the game is over fans leave early, change the channel, etc.  If you happened to do that last night you may have missed Richard Sherman’s post-game interview.  I challenge those of you who think sports aren’t dramatic to still agree after that game.  Sherman reminded me of an early NeNe Leaks rant on Real Housewives in his interview.  Check out the video below.

Also, Erin Andrews handled herself so well during that interview.  Imagine having to keep a straight face in front of the cameras while that was happening!  Regardless, Sherman is sure to delight us again as we make our way to the Super Bowl.

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