Q&A With Rangers Captain

Me and Rangers Captain

So as some of you may have gathered…I have relocated to the great state of TEXAS.  And since I moved here in the summer, naturally my first stop had to be at a Rangers game.  Little did I know just how awesome my intro to the Texas Rangers organization would be.  I got a tour of the stadium and the chance to chat with the one and only RANGERS CAPTAIN!  That’s right, I got to spend the day with that adorable horse as we toured the stadium and chatted about all things RANGERS.  Enjoy!

Me and Rangers Captain
Me and Rangers Captain

The Sports Brat: How did you become the Mascot for the Texas Rangers?

Rangers Captain: I started representing the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL in 2004!  The VP of Ballpark Entertainment and Productions – Chuck Morgan, recruited me.  It’s been an incredible 12 years and I can’t wait to see where we go this season!

TSB: What’s the significance of the number 72 that you wear?

RC: Ahh great question!  A lot of mascots wear 00 but I get to wear 72 because that was the year the Rangers moved to Texas from Washington D.C.

TSB: What’s your favorite Rangers memory so far?

Rangers Captain
Rangers Captain

RC: I’d have to say that watching from our dugout as Neftali Felix struck out Alex Rodriguez to send us to our 1st World Series is one of my favorite memories!

TSB: What is your game day routine like?

RC: My game day can get pretty hectic!  I usually spend some time working on my schedule mid-afternoon, grab an early dinner, then I get my uniform ready, stretch and warm up, and head out for pre-game about 30 minutes before 1st pitch.  During the game, I’ll make visits to my fans in the seats, participate in the Bennche Ride-around, sign autographs in the Captain’s Corral in the Kids Zone, and of course lead Take Me out to the Ballpark during the 7th inning stretch.  Of course, my favorite thing to do is run my giant flag from tunnel onto the field after every Rangers win!

TSB: Do you have a favorite stadium food here at Globe Life?

RC: We have a lot of awesome food here like the Boomstick, the Beltre Buster, and the Choomongous but my favorite item would have to be an old favorite: crackerjacks (probably because they also serve as wonderful items to throw at opposing fans!!)

Rangers Captain and Boomstick
Rangers Captain and Boomstick

TSB: What’s your training routine, do you work out with the team?

RC: My training routine is done solo!  I like to run the steps at the ballpark, take laps along the warning track, and do calisthenics and yoga on the warm, soft infield grass (oops – don’t tell anyone that last part).

TSB: What would be your walk up song?

RC: Well I use a couple different songs for my entrances into the ballpark.  I like to find current music so that I can connect with my fans!  Of course – my fallback song has to be the Cotton Eyed Joe!

TSB: Let’s be honest, who will win the World Series this year?

RC: One can never know what will happen in the playoffs but I have a feeling that I may be wearing a nice ring next year…..haha!

Rangers Captain
Rangers Captain

TSB: What’s one thing most fans don’t know about you or the Rangers or the Stadium?

RC: Well one cool thing that fans probably don’t know about the stadium is that there is an upside down star somewhere in the stadium!  If you can find it and tag me in an Instagram post – I’ll send along an awesome gift bag!

As for myself, one thing people often ask is what kind of horse I am and the answer is a palomino!

Globe Life Park
Globe Life Park

TSB: Can you describe the perfect game day experience for fans here? How can they get a picture with you?

RC: A perfect game day?  I’d have to go with a game in early April!  There’s nothing like spring weather, a packed stadium, our ace pitching for us, and the excitement of the start of the season!  Get here early enough and you might catch the end of batting practice, grab a couple hot dogs (especially on Wednesdays when they are only $1), a then watching the team win!  Of course, fans should stop by the Kids Zone and find me during the 5th inning when I’m signing autographs and taking photos.  I’m there every game and it really helps me connect with the fans!

Thank you SO much Rangers Captain and the Texas Rangers.  You all have quite the experience there and I highly recommend you high-tail it to a game if you’re in the DFW area!  You can follow Rangers Captain on social at @RangersCaptain .

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