Q&A With Michelle Roque

Michelle Roque

If you haven’t seen FSU’s Michelle Roque in action yet, you are really missing out.  Before we dive into our Q&A take a look at Michelle’s highlight reel:

Ok so now you get why I’m totally girl-crushing right? Well I went ahead and reached out and Michelle was so kind to take some time to talk football, her viral fame and her surprising hidden talent with me!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Michelle as much as I did!

The Sports Brat: You skyrocketed to social media stardom when video of your flag football games went viral. Were you expecting anything like that to happen?

Michelle Roque: Last year a video of me went viral and it blew my mind. I never expected that to happen especially because I have been posting videos of me playing flag football since middle school. So when my video went viral again this year I was in shock! I was lucky to go viral once and just plain blessed to go viral twice!

TSB: To even the keenest football eye, you’re a STUD! Where did you learn to play? Do you play other sports as well?

MR: I have been playing football all my life! My brother is just 11 months older than me so I have always been around great competition. I joined every league he did and I think playing in men’s leagues really helped me get to where I am today. I have also played soccer my whole life, which has definitely contributed to my overall athleticism as well.

Michelle and her bother Matt as kids
Michelle and her bother Matt as kids

TSB: What is it like being the most famous football player at FSU? (That’s no small feat considering their program is pretty darn good!)

MR: Wow! Well as much as I would love to take the title of most famous football player at FSU I think Dalvin Cook wins it! With good reason too! But regardless, the fame is great. Most people around FSU know about “the DG QB” but not many would recognize me out. They usually can’t put a face to the name, or at least I don’t think so. But when people realize who I am, it is just the most amazing feeling. So cool to be (semi) famous!

TSB: Who is your favorite football player or athlete? Your biggest inspiration?

MR: Growing up I always pretended to be Michael Vick, so he would have to be my favorite football player! I think I play most like him since we both use our speed to our advantage! My biggest inspiration is my brother, Matthew. He has been my best friend since before I can remember and my biggest competition. He has always pushed me to be better than the best and has supported me every step of the way. He is just such a good person inside and out and has been what I aspire to be like all my life.

Michelle and her bother Matt
Michelle and her bother Matt
Michelle Roque
Michelle Roque

TSB: Do you have a favorite football moment or specific play of yours that always sticks in your mind?

MR: My first video that went viral will forever and always be my favorite football moment. It is the one where 5 girls end up on the floor. It cracks me up.

(Here is the video, the play happens at 1 minute in, there’s a slo mo replay too!)

TSB: Do you attend the football games at FSU? If so, what’s your go-to style as a fan for game day?

MR: I love to wear a jersey and jean shorts! It is easy and just about as comfortable as it gets! For big games I might wear some sticker eye black just to get a little more spirited!

Michelle's game day look
Michelle’s game day look

TSB: And I always like to ask what your favorite tailgate snack is?

MR: Boiled Peanuts! I need a bag every game day. They are a must!

TSB: Speaking of tailgating, what’s that scene like at FSU?

MR: FSU tailgating is like no other tailgate I’ve ever been to. They are so much fun! You can really get a feel for how passionate FSU students are for our football team. We’ve got the best fans, which make the best tailgates!

TSB: Aside from the Seminoles, what other teams and sports do you watch and root for?

MR: I enjoy watching all college and NFL football. I do not have any other football team I root for other than FSU. As for basketball, go Heat! I absolutely love going to heat games!

TSB: What’s next for you? Will we ever see you in pads playing tackle football or will you become the next fitness star for us to download workouts from?

MR: I am not so sure pads are in my future. I am keeping an open mind to take it to the next level but it is not one of my priorities as of now! And fitness will always be a major part of my life; I would actually one day love to be on American Ninja Warrior! I of course upload fitness pictures and videos on my instagram but that is also not my end game. I am working on my music career oddly enough. I’ve played the piano since I was 4. Whenever I wasn’t on the field, I was at my piano. I have written 14 songs and hope to continue composing once I graduate and make it into a career.

Michelle Roque
Michelle Roque

TSB: Can you share what’s on your pump up or workout playlist?

MR: I either listen to an Eminem, Kygo or Taylor Swift station on Pandora! I wouldn’t say the Taylor Swift station pumps me up so much lol I more so just enjoy listening to her music.

TSB: Your Instagram gives your followers a look at your workout routine, and I must say, I’m super impressed. What’s your overall fitness outlook and approach?

MR: Thank you! I am a big supporter of overall health and fitness! A lot of people (especially girls) think that lifting weights will result in Hulk like features, when in fact lifting weights is in my opinion one of the best ways to get that perfect beach body everyone desires. I lift about 5/6 days a week and do cardio 2/3 times a week. I single out muscle groups (ex: Back, Legs, Biceps & Triceps) to workout each day of the week and the results have been great which you can see on my instagram. Just working out is only half of the battle though. It is so important to eat healthy too!

Michelle Roque
Michelle Roque

TSB: Lastly, can you share your favorite fitness tip as many of us are kicking off the New Year with a new workout plan?

MR: Get a gym partner and go to the gym in the morning! You will be less likely to skip your workout when you have someone to hold you accountable and when it is always the first thing you do to start off your day. Working out in the morning will also make the rest of your day so much better, not to mention it will boost your metabolize therefore you will burn more calories over the course of the day!

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