Polar Vortex Protection…

Winter can be rough. Snow and ice makes driving complicated. The cold weather makes dressing yourself a process- oh the layers! And the dry air, wind, and below freezing temperatures are brutal for your skin.


Eagles fans braving the cold

Since I would venture to say most of us are stuck in this “Polar Vortex” we are offering a few helpful tricks that will keep your skin glowing and fresh, even when it’s buried behind a wooly scarf at the oh so cold Super Bowl or strapped into some ski goggles. Remember: the ladies at The Sports Brat care as much about your epidermis as Peyton Manning cares about going to the Super Bowl (and that’s a lot!).

  1. Hot tubs are tempting, but simmering your skin breaks down your lipid barriers. This leads to a loss of that hard-earned moisture. When you soak in super hot water, you’re essentially undoing all of that moisturizing. Try luke warm showers and tubs instead. The same rule applies for hand washing. Piping hot water feels great when you’ve got ice-cold fingertips, but it will only dry out your hands in the long run. Also, check the soap you’re using in the shower. Pick up a body wash that contains aloe vera or shea butter versus a scented bar soap. Then make sure lather up with lotion afterwards.
  2. Avoid using peel-off masks or alcohol-based scrubs. While these products tend to help oily skin in humid, summer months, they will only dry you out in the winter.
  3. Crank up the humidifier. Using heaters during the winter time creates dry air in your homes, cars, and offices. Humidifiers will add a dash of moisture to the air, which your skin will ultimately appreciate.
  4. Mind your hands and feet. Keep them lubed up under those socks and mittens. But lose the peppermint lotion and pick up something stronger, like petroleum jelly or glycerin-based products. These products will have a deeper, more long-lasting effect.
  5. Don’t forget the SPF. Even though it seems like you’re spending this winter hibernating away and would kill for a tan, the winter sun (especially when it’s reflecting off of the snow!) can still do irreversible damage to your skin. Try to use a face moisturizer with SPF already in it- two birds with one stone!
  6. Revamp your moisturizing routine. We all like to grease up our smoothly shaven skin up post-shower, but remember to reapply in the morning and before bed. Also be sure to grab some oil-based lotion to help your skin combat the cold. Coconut and almond oil are also nice for lathering up and preventing cracks and peels. Just be wary when using oil-based products on your face, as they can sometimes clog pores.
  7. When your clothes are wet- take them off! If you find yourself playing outside in the elements, make sure to ditch the soggy socks and gloves as soon as possible, so that they don’t irritate your skin.


All right ladies, stay warm! And when in doubt, stay inside and cheer from your cozy couch!


Contributed by Allison Cohn

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