OKC Travel Guide: What to See

Oklahoma City has so much to offer and we've all been sleepin' on it!

I’m sure you saw my Instagram posts from Oklahoma a couple weeks back. Well I am finally getting to share with you all the fun things that went on. So if you didn’t know I was in Oklahoma City for the Phillip 66 Big 12 Women’s Basketball Championship. Let me tell you, watching the ladies of the Big 12 not only reminded me how much I loved women’s basketball growing up and why, but really go me fired up for women’s sports in general. Overall the weekend was so much fun on the sports side and thanks to Visit OKC, I was kept busy when we weren’t at the championship.

May I remind you that I went to college at the University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City is only about a thirty-ish minute drive from Norman? Despite the fact that I spent four years south of OKC, and we would venture into “the city” to hang out on the weekends, I really had no clue that Oklahoma City had so much to offer. You guys, if you think I did everything there was to do, I didn’t. There’s still a list of things I have to get done when I go back. Let me just give you the run-down of what I did get to see,  starting from the beginning.

Where I stayed: 21c Museum Hotel

Dani outside the 21c Hotel in Oklahoma City


If you are into cool, modern art and pop culture nods, then 21c Museum Hotel is definitely for you. This super modern hotel serves double duty as a museum on bottom and sleeping quarters on top. If you think the museum features end downstairs, you’re in for a rude awakening. There’s more sculptures and pieces upstairs! The rooms are modern and just enough space. One of my favorite features was that the bathroom had a rubber ducky. I like a little nod to fun times. One little thing: the hotel is very minimalist, modern and quiet. This means at night, it can be a little spooky. The place isn’t haunted or anything, but it’s very quiet and dimly lit, so when you’re going to grab your Insomnia Cookie at 11 at night from the front desk – you might walk a little faster to the elevator. Well, at least I did. Other than that, enjoy your stay – it will be a good time!

Things to Do:

Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame and Jim Thorpe Museum: If you’re a sports junkie like myself, you’re in for a real treat. OSHF houses so many incredible artifacts that are specific to Oklahoma. See items like the Jim Thorpe Award and Oklahoma Hall of Fame Inductee plaques. It’s pretty cool to see some big names like Deion Sanders, Roy Williams and Mickey Mantle in there!

Chesapeake Energy Arena: The Oklahoma City Thunder live here, so definitely check out Russell Westbrook and Company when in season. If not hit up a concert – I hear the Chainsmokers are coming to town in November…

Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge

Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge: In the middle of it all is a beautiful sanctuary where you can see all of the flowers and plants. It is a little humid in there – Myriad has to accommodate all of the plants that are cohabiting in the gardens. So beautiful and a great place to snap a few pics and learn about different plants.

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark: If visiting during the spring and summer months, check out a game at Bricktown Ballpark and say hello to Mickey Mantle.

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum: If you only do one thing while visiting OKC, you mist visit the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum. I urge you to go take a visit. It is an incredible experience, that is very informative. You get the entire experience. From the memorial to the museum – the whole thing is a must see and very important to OKC history.


How to Get Around:

No need for Uber, Lyft or renting a car! If you’re in the Bricktown area, take the Streetcar! Fares are very inexpensive and you can easily ride from one side of town to the other. Yes, the Streetcar can get you access to every single attraction I mentioned earlier. So you’re completely covered when it comes to transportation. Here’s a little Brat Tip: Make sure you check the route and know where you are going so that you aren’t riding around aimlessly. Of course there are employees on board that will help you in case you need help – but plan ahead.

Dani rides the Streetcar from the Myriad Botanical Gardens to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

The Streetcar comes around about every 15 minutes.

Things I didn’t get to:

USA Softball Hall of Fame, Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City Museum of Modern Art and so much more. Literally, there’s a ton OKC has to offer, and we’ve all been sleeping on it.

You’re probably wondering, “Dani, I know I saw plenty of food and drinks of your IG Story…”. You’re right, you did. Stay tuned for OKC Travel Guide: Food Edition. Yep, I have so much to say on OKC food, that it’s getting its own post! This just means you have to come back!



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