OKC Travel Guide: Eats Edition

Waffle Champion
I told you the food in Oklahoma City is on another level. I'm giving you my favorite spots and what you need to order.

Now, I know I gave you several things to do when in Oklahoma City, but did you know there’s a ton to eat too? You’re going to work up an appetite with all the sight seeing, now I”m going to get you well fed. I think some of my favorite foods live in Oklahoma City, and you can’t get them anywhere else. OKC is definitely a foodie city. Seriously, do yourself a massive favor. If you are ever in town for the weekend and need a place for drinks, a meal or a snack, don’t you dare go to the local Olive Garden or BJ’s Brewhouse. Just don’t. This city has so many awesome food choices, and of course I’m gonna tell you what the deal is. Here are my favorite eats in town.


Breakfast is definitely the most important way to start your day. It’s a fact. I hit up Hatch in Automobile Alley and Waffle Champion and they did not disappoint. At Hatch, I ordered the Famous PanOKcake and it was as fun to eat and it was to look at. If you don’t know, it’s a pancake in the shape of Oklahoma with pecans and bacon and sweet cream butter and yeah, it’s a big pancake and delicious. I ate basically the whole state. With the pancake I also ordered the tumblers. They can tumble into my stomach any time. I also highly recommend the beignets and sausage biscuit.

If you are less of a pancake person and prefer waffles, I give you Waffle Champion. Um, okay. Let me start by saying you can either go sweet or savory and I went savory and opted for the chicken and waffle, with a side of waffle fries. Honey. All the yeses on that decision. I am telling you…chicken was made to be paired with a waffle. It just is. Waffle Champion offers something that can curb your sweet craving like the Cinnamon Roll, or you can be like me and get a sammie – Chicken and Waffles. There is also a Chicken Bacon Ranch that sounds incredible. Here’s an idea: go with a group order up a bunch and just split it all. Don’t forget the waffle fries, and make sure at least one of the waffles is sweet – then you have dessert. Winning!

Lunch and Dinner

Are you in the mood for a burger? I tweeted about this. I shard it on my IG story. I even took pictures of it. I ate it two nights in a row. That’s how much I loved this burger. I’m salivating just thinking about it right now. At Mary Eddy’s at 21c Hotel in OKC, you must order The Lizzy Burger with fries, and if you’re me, a glass of rose. I am going to go ahead and say it, it’s the best burger I have ever had. Yes, you’re right that’s a very bold statement on my part; however, it is true. I’m pretty sure it’s the lemon aioli that sets it off. I’m sure of it. This burger also has aged cheddar, pickled onions and mustard greens to complete this thing. I don’t even put ketchup or mustard on it, cause it’s not necessary. I prefer my burger cooked medium…sigh. I’m about to go ahead and book a flight now so I can get this burger again. Anyway I could talk all day about this burger. Just go and try it and you can thank me later. PS: It’s served and both lunch and dinner.

Another good burger I had was from Tucker’s Onion Burger. I actually visited the location at the airport and this was my final OKC meal. I loved it and it was super tasty. I was told it was an Oklahoma City favorite, so of course I had to try it. If you’re hungry before catching your flight to your next destination, give that one a go.

Pizza is always a good idea and I have two pizza spots in Oklahoma City that are premium Grade A. So first is my favorite, Hideaway. I love Hideaway it’s an Oklahoma chain and can be found in OKC, Edmond, Norman, and Stillwater. However, this trip, I went to Hall’s Pizza Kitchen and I really enjoyed it. The restaurant is pretty and looks like it came straight out of Pinterest. I had the lunch special which consisted of an appetizer, salad and slice of pizza. Since I love me a good slice of pepperoni, I went with a slice of the Saturday Night. It has pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella, basil and fresh parmesan. My kind of toppings. Like I said, this was a very cute spot and Instagrammable, and I you’re craving pizza, this is your spot.

Another cute place that I have now been to twice is Kitchen 324. You may remember I went to brunch there back in the Fall when I was in town for the Baylor/OU game. Well, this time I went back for dinner and had the shishito peppers as an app and the fried chicken pot pie for my main. Pot pie is always good for the soul and this one has a little more soul with a fried drumstick coming out the top. I give it a round of applause. Seriously. I’ve now had two meals at Kitchen 324 and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m very positive you can come here for every meal and not be disappointed  – it’s that kind of place. Next time I’m in town I am going for breakfast again and getting the pancake ‘cause it’s the size of the entire plate and looks like it’s three inches thick. Not to mention I love pancakes. Actually, next time I’m in town, I think I will do a round up of brunch and breakfast spots.


Despite my very busy weekend, I was able to stop for a drink a couple times. Since I was staying at the 21c, Mary Eddy’s bar was very convenient and served up some awesome cocktails. My personal favorites were the Hey Girl and The Lovely Linda. Pair those with some pork rinds and/or some fries, and you’ve got yourself a late night snack or some Happy Hour goodness.. Who knows, a purple penguin also might join you.

If you don’t care for cocktails and prefer beer, head to Bricktown Brewery. Can I just say I appreciate a specialty beer? One that you can only get in one place? Well of course I had tried the Bluesberry Ale and really liked it. The Bluesberry Ale is super light and fruity, and tastes like blueberries. If you’re not into light beer, Bricktown Brewery has a wide variety of beers and food if you need something to go with your beverage.

In a span of four days, I didn’t think I could eat anymore, and I still haven’t been to so many others that I was told about. As I previously stated in Part 1 of this OKC City Guide, I have so many more things to do and places to eat when I return. I’m thinking I will be back Sooner than later. Like what I did there?

See you next time, OKC.

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