NFL Fanicure

I have been loving the nail trends this year! Chrome, glow in the dark, cool designs…I LOVE it! But then my friends over at Jamberry sent me Cowboys-themed nail wraps and I was finally able to have my very first Fanicure…that’s “manicure” and “fan” combined.

Cowboys Fanicure

There are no accidents…these babies (and all the other goodies to DIY these nails) arrived just in time for my very first Cowboys game!  Plus they’re only $18 and you get 2 sets out of them!


You guys…the application kit that has everything you need is only $12…so think of how much you’ll save if you start DIYing your nails!  I am incapable of painting my own nails so the fact that I nailed (see what I did there ;)) these shows just how easy it is!

Cowboys Fanicure

Plus they have a ton of other options, not just NFL ones.  But come one, I am The Sports Brat so I love a football-themed manicure!! Aren’t these so cool?!  If you try them out, tag me, I wanna see!  I also think these would be fantastic holiday gifts…hint hint…wink wink!

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