NBA Boyfriend Guide

NBA Boyfriend Guide

Well with the NBA in full swing, it’s time for my follow up to my NFL Boyfriend Guide.  That’s right, I’m breaking down what your man’s team says about the kind go boyfriend he is!  Enjoy!

Eastern Conference:

Atlanta Hawks: He’s moved around a lot. While he’s settled into his home, he’s still looking for the special person to share it with. He’s picky, but just be yourself and if you’re a match then he will pick you!

Boston Celtics: He loves his friends almost as much as he likes to drink. If you’re going to date this guy, you’re in for large group hangs and the occasional bar fight.

Brooklyn Nets: He’s most likely a hipster or an actual Brooklyn native. These guys are rare and tend to be sensitive and looking for a committed relationship. Be weary that he may steal your hair products or even jeans.

Charlotte Hornets: This guy is totally lost. The name he gives you is probably not the one that’s on his birth certificate. He just can’t seem to figure out who he is and what he wants. Steer clear of anything serious with this guy.

Chicago Bulls: He comes from a traditional family. They like tradition and so does he. He will likely take you to dinner first, wait 5 dates to come up and propose approximately 1.6 years into dating. He’s predictable, both the good and the bad.

Cleveland Cavaliers: This guy is from a small town but now resides in a large city and has a bit of a confidence to him. He and his friends all have swagger but you’re just not sure whether or not to believe it. He is loyal but will leave you if he ever could have a shot at dating a model or an actress. He likes the limelight.

Detroit Pistons: He’s old school and can be difficult. He likes things his way and isn’t looking for a new way of doing things, including dating. He’s likely still with his high school sweetheart.

Indiana Pacers: He’s kind of an old soul and probably listens to classic rock. He can appear a bit intimidating but once you break down his walls he’s a softy.

Miami Heat: This guy is flashy. He drives a tricked out car, parties in the club and for sure is used to that hotline bling. He’ll wine and dine you but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last longer than a couple months.

Milwaukee Bucks: He is a solid, mid-western boy. He treats you well but you can’t help but be frustrated by his lack of ambition. He’s content where he is.

New York Knicks: This guy falls for every girl, thinking she’s the one. It could be so obvious that she isn’t but he still thinks this could really be it. He’s been unlucky in love but his hope is what makes him charming. He just doesn’t give up.

Orlando Magic: He thinks he’s a tad bit cooler than he is. He refers to his “friends” all the time but you probably have yet to meet them. He has a good heart; he just thinks he needs to be bigger than he is to be cool.

Philadelphia 76ers: He’s a tad over the top. You love his passion but secretly hope he doesn’t fly off the handle at a game or, eek, office party. He’s sweet and loyal but just needs to rein it in.

Toronto Raptors: He’s a little eccentric and mysterious. You’re intrigued by his wit but can’t seem to figure him out. If you do, you’re a match made in heaven.

Washington Wizards: He has a bit of a tough time making a decision. His indecisiveness can weigh on you and he will most likely marry after 40.

Western Conference:

Dallas Mavericks: He’s preppy and most likely was in a frat in college. He still chugs beers better than most people. He needs to grow up a bit but at his core he’s sweet and just wants to have a good time.

Denver Nuggets: He’s a nice guy. You like him, everyone does, but for some reason he keeps getting stuck in the friend zone. If he can get out and into the boyfriend zone he will be loyal and treat you well.

Golden State Warriors: He’s young and confident. He’ll surprise you with his real age. He’s charismatic and loyal. Together you could build your own empire. Hold onto this one.

Houston Rockets: This guy is the eternal optimist. He believes in everything he is involved with, including you. He’ll support you and defend you no matter what.

Los Angeles Clippers: He likely was a late bloomer, flying under the radar in high school but really has come out of his shell now. He’s still finding his way but you’ll enjoy his company and if you’re compatible, he’s a great partner.

Los Angeles Lakers: He’s probably a little older than you. You like that he’s established and successful, but you’re worried he’s a little too set in his ways. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, so beware if you’re looking for something long term.

Memphis Grizzlies: This guy is likely young and a tad immature. He’s not quite sure where he’s headed and just seems to kind of float through life. A little direction would help him not only in life but also in love.

Minnesota Timberwolves: He’s the salt of the earth. He works hard and is dedicated to his family. He’s only looking for one girl and will make a great dad.


It’s all in good fun my friends.  Let me know if you think I’m off or have a better fit for some of these teams!!

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