My Trip to the Stanley Cup Final

You guys.  I had the best time this weekend in Pittsburgh.  I haven’t been to the burgh outside of football season and when B and I went for the playoff game this last January it was FREEEZING.  So it was refreshing to be there when the weather was perfect.  We flew in Sunday morning and spent the day exploring.

Stanley Cup Final 2017

(Travel Outfit Details: Rain boots, leggings, jacket, hat, bag, tee)

The game plan was to go to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday and then catch a Pirates game either Sunday or Monday.  Well Sunday we made our way to one of my favorite spots in Pittsburgh called Sienna Mercato.  The bottom floor serves killer meatballs so I had to take B to try them.  They did not disappoint.

While we were eating dinner at the bar, we met a couple of active marines who happened to be from Texas.  We began chatting and next thing I know we’re roaring with laughter as the beer and meatballs flow.  We ended up hanging with our new buddies all night and at one point I’m fairly certain I convinced the more  extroverted of the two to come on the podcast. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

Anyways, my point is that we did not make it to PNC Park to see the Pirates play on Sunday.

Monday morning, through a bit of a foggy head, we snacked on Primanti Brothers, because you simply have to and made our way to the ballpark for a game.  I know the pictures may seem like it was cloudy but through the 7th inning, it was sunny and 75 and all in all the picture perfect Memorial Day.

PNC Park
PNC Park
The Sports Brat Sneakers at PNC Park

After leaving the game we walked back and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  The main event of our trip began at 8 PM and we wanted to get there early – knowing full well we’d need to fight for the best seat in the suite!

We did a quick change and I, my dear friends, did something I never thought I would do.  I wore a Penguins hockey jersey to the game.  I’m not a die-hard pens fan but since we were in a Penguins suite and since B is a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan I decided to root for the hometeam.  If you caught my appearance on MLB TV a few years ago or have seen most of my blog, you know I’ve been against wearing a jersey that isn’t my own.

Stanley Cup Final 2017

(Outfit Details: Booties, Jeans, Jersey, bag)

Well kids, I stand corrected.  I loved that hockey jersey.  It was roomy, kept me warm in the chilly arena and most of all it was downright cute.  So you can in fact teach and old dog new tricks.  In the words of my dear friend (Jk I wish), Phil Knight, “If you stop growing, you die,” I am happy to report that I will never say never again when it comes to gameday fashion.

So if you’re a hockey fan or a follower on the old IG stories I post, you know the Pens won and that it was an electric experience.

Well that sums up the trip! I highly recommend a trip to PNC park and to the Stanley Cup Final if you’re ever afforded the opportunity.  So worth it.

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