Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

It is widely understood that Lululemon runs the athletic apparel scene for women (and quite soon to be men too!).  And I will always give credit where credit is due; their pants do something to the female behind that will forever be respected in my book.  However, if you’re looking to diversify your athletic apparel portfolio check out Kate Hudson’s new venture Fabletics.  We all know that Kate is a super down-to-earth, free-spirited, fit babe but she’s also on point when it comes to fashion.  So it makes perfect sense that her apparel would be super cute and totally affordable.  On their homepage, they call out just how their prices compare to the competition ($31.95 for capri leggings vs. Lulu at $72).  What’s not to love?!  Check out a few of their pieces below:


Omemee Sports Bra $19.95


Improve Hoodie $79.95


Lima Capri #31.95


I Am Flexible yoga mat $19.95

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