How to Host a Super Bowl Party

I’m fairly certain I may get in trouble for saying Super Bowl but come on, if you guys are reading this it’s because you wanted ideas for a Super Bowl party.  This is not a paid or sponsored post, this is just what I threw together so I think it may be ok.  Regardless, the Big Game, (rolls eyes) is coming up and I have a ton of posts this week for you!  Here’s a video of one spread idea to get you rolling.  I’ll share the recipes and I’ll link all the items for you to shop.

You guys know my obsession with The Royal Standard is real.  I’ve shared my favorite items from their game day collection in this post.  I just love their game day stuff.  It’s not cheesy and I actually use it year-round, not just when I’m homegating or hosting a Super Bowl party.  I highly recommend checking this post out if you like what you saw in the video.

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Eats:

First, I highly recommend those angel food cupcakes.  They’re 40 calories each and light and easy.  I used boxed angel food cake mix and topped them with a dollop of cool whip and a strawberry sliver.  YUM.  I also served up my favorite taco salad.  It’s a family recipe and it’s light and a healthy option on game day.  You can snag that recipe here.

Lastly I decided to make the easiest spinach-artichoke dip ever and of course I documented it.

See how easy that was? I almost feel guilty calling it homemade.  But if you want an even easier dip…I have quite the hack for you here.  No one will know they’re not homemade. Swearsies.

Super Bowl Drinks:

I love love love this recipe for Beer Margaritas.  Check it out.

It really is that simple.  Beer, 1/2 can of limeade, 1/2 cup of tequila, ice, limes.  Done.  For more tailgate drink recipes visit here.

May I suggest one more thing, if you’re headed to someone’s house for a Super Bowl party, don’t forget to bring a gift for the hostess.  Oftentimes, people forget about all the work that goes into making and cleaning up after the party so a token of appreciation goes a long way.  Check out this post for some hostess gift ideas.

Ok you guys, there you have it! My go to guide for throwing a Super Bowl party this year.  Keep it classic, lighten it up a little and most of all, have fun.  Who are you rooting for? Leave it in the comments!