Gym Motivation 101

It can be very arduous to get to the gym sometimes, particularly in these brutally cold winter months (west coasters rejoice). Some people might say they enjoy going to the gym, to which I beg to differ, and others need an extra bit of motivation.

We’ve come up with a few things to think about. Things that can motivate you to get to where you want to be. To where you need to be (at least sometimes). The gym.

Bag yourself a hot trainer.

If you’ve been to the gym, you’ve probably seen them lurking around, these Adonis-like creatures. Well, they don’t lurk so much as glide, effortlessly and beautifully. The ratio of hot to not is somewhere in the realm of 1:5, so get in there, scope out the scene and choose wisely. Not every trainer possesses both beauty and skill, so be sure to feel them out- the duality is most important here.  You simply cannot have one without the other to truly reap the benefit.

Once you’ve found him, hold onto him. You’ve struck gold. Going to the gym now isn’t so much of a task, but is rather a treat.

On a budget? A trainer is not always in everyone’s budget, so here’s a tip: if you can’t have a hot trainer all to yourself, work out near one and ask for assistance from time to time (can you help me with this hip abduction machine?). You can learn a thing or two from a safe distance, while admiring their technique and incredibly toned bodies all at the same time.

Make it fun and go with your BFF. Make it a date!

It still counts when you’re gossiping half the time, right?  One of the best ways to get moving is to bring a friend along. A gym bud. Not only is it motivating, but it’s super fun. What was once ‘I hate going to the gym’ is now ‘I look forward to hangin with my pal over a good sweat sesh’. You’ll also notice when you’re exercising with a friend that time always seems go by faster (a very good thing).  Something else that comes along with this? Accountability. If this person is truly your friend, they wont let you skip out on these workouts! Make it fun, and keep it regular.
The thought that Summer is just around the corner. 
Does your bikini still fit?  We all know what Sports Illustrated swimsuit models look like. We may not all strive to achieve this look and level of dedication, but lets face it- these women look GOOD. Now, don’t let that visualization torment you- let it motivate you! You’ve still got a couple months until Summer officially arrives, so put in the hard work now to get that bangin beach bod you envision, even before the snow dries up. Once you turn over your winter wardrobe, your bikini, will in fact, be staring you in the face whether you like it or not. The last ditch attempts and crash diets at the brink of summer aren’t healthy and will leave you short of your goals.
Look good with the lights on. 

Do you need any more motivation than this?  If getting in shape isn’t good enough for you alone, do it for your partner (or a potential one!). Make doing it in the dark strictly a thing of the past. There s nothing sexier in a woman than confidence. Having confidence in your yourself and your body can help lead to a spicier sex life.
Hopefully one of our methods will help you get your butt to the gym.  The health and mental benefits may not be visible but a 6-pack is so go get em ladies!
Contributed by Ashley Marani
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