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Sometimes you just need to get out with your girlfriends and have fun on a budget, and I did just that with a last minute trip to Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

In need of a girls night out? Sometimes the ballpark is for the girls. I swear I have some of the best conversations with my friends while at a baseball game. This may be due to the fact the pace is slower and it’s not constant mayhem – like basketball, or constant big moments a la football. I will tell you that sometimes you need to just get dressed *up*, grab last minute tickets with a girlfriend and head to a game. It can be very doable to see a game, have drinks, and eat all under $125 for both of you! Now, how many times have you been able to do that? Ask your boyfriend, if he’s ever planned a date night under $125? Okay, maybe he has; but has he gone to the game for under that price after everything was said and done? No? Well, let me show you how to do it.

You probably saw that I was in LA last week running around the Playa Vista area (if you saw me on my morning walk to Starbucks, let me give you a belated “hey, girl”). In the midst of multiple bottles of rose and pounds of guacamole I had been consuming, I looked over at my friend Sierra and said, let’s go to a game tonight. We planned it out over a hike at Runyon Canyon (you must do this if ever in LA, more good conversations happen albeit maybe a little breathy). By 6:30 pm we were in Anaheim sitting in the outfield eating garlic waffle fries and chicken tenders. Actually, Sierra is vegan and just had garlic waffle fries and I had chicken tenders and regular fries (le duh, have we met?). I kept a breakdown of everything we spent at the game, cause going to a game doesn’t have to be a fortune.

Tickets: $54 via SeatGeek

I have heard on multiple occasions to purchase tickets the day of because prices drop significantly. It’s a good thing I kept this in mind, our tickets ended up being roughly $22 each and we were four rows up from Mike Trout in center field. I always like sitting in the outfield, if not behind home plate. Especially this season where the ball is flying out every night, it makes for a fun and somewhat assaulting night out. We had two balls fly our direction.

Parking: $10 On-Site

I have to say, Angel Stadium is the cheapest I have ever spent on parking. Parking ranges from $20 for VIP (which is super close up, as in no walking) and then $10 for GA, and we had a close spot – not anything more than a walk you’ve done from your car to the mall. It took us two minutes to get from the car to the security entrance. One thing on security: I know many stadiums vary on what is allowed in, however, I think it was a little ridiculous that I was told not to bring my lipstick in (it was Fenty lip paint) because it was glass. I looked at the dude and kind of rolled my eyes. It’s lipstick for crying out loud! So make sure your lipstick is up to code, ladies!

Food: $28 (2 waters, chicken tenders/fries combo, garlic waffle fries)

Of course it’s not a night out without food and you should know by now that I don’t go to a game without ordering chicken tenders. I recently became a connoisseur of truffle fries so that’s now a thing as well. Pass the barbecue sauce, please. But in all honesty, the portions at Angel Stadium are standard but enough for one to eat and be full. For example, Sierra is a vegan so she only had the garlic fries and was satisfied. Honestly, two people could split the chicken tender combo and add an extra drink. Now if this were date night, I would add on another combo -if your man is a human garbage disposal.

Cocktails: $24

What’s a girls’ night out without drinks? Angel Stadium has cute bar areas out in the outfield that serves up some good drinks. If you’re sitting out there, grab a drink and enjoy the view with your gal pal, I’m sure you’ve got a lot to talk about.

Grand Total: $116 for two!

Whether you’re doing date night with your guy or girls’ night out, the ballpark could make for a fun night. Think of it this way, our grand total came out to $116 for the two of us; that’s $58 each! Do you dare me to beat that? Eek! I dunno. Have you ever done dinner and drinks with your friends for less than that?

Tell me below at which stadium you want to do a girls’ night out!

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