Game Day Style

Here for the beer

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Bow & Drape.  As you all know by now, Instagram is my mail place to find new brands, products and inspiration.  So my friend over at Fave4 posted an adorable pillow she had designed on the Bow & Drape site.  So automatically I went directly to the site and started designing!

I love game day…DUH…but I don’t always love wearing team gear.  So I came up with some cheeky phrases that are appropriate for game day and really any day for that matter.  Take a look and feel free to shop these links for these exact designs or make them your own! I know that some of these are football-specific but I like wearing football stuff all year round because I miss that sport all summer!!

Here for the beer

Whether you’re there for the game or the beer, this sweatshirt is so comfy and so cute and I rock it all around town. You can shop this sweatshirt here.

I Heart Tight Ends

I have done this one a couple of different ways because it always gets a laugh!  What I love most is that its a double entendre.  You can like tight ends as in the football position or a tight end, like a fit backside. (Hello Khloe Kardasian you so need this one!) It’s so cute and bomber jackets are so in! You can grab it here.

Trying to sack the quarterback

This is another one with, er ehm, two meanings.  The first is obviously a football reference and the second is, well, I’ll let you figure that one out.  This tee is so comfy and cute. Snag yours here.

I can’t say enough good things about Bow & Drape and who doesn’t love a custom fun tee or sweatshirt.  I also designed a pillow I’m waiting on and this cute hoodie, it’s oversized and SUPER comfy.

Total Sports Brat

Go snag your items and tag me in your pics! Also show me if you have a different cute sports phrase that you design.

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