Game Day Denim Guide

Game Day Denim Guide

For as long as I can remember, denim has been my favorite and most important part of my game day look (or any look really).  Lot’s of people say they’re a jeans and tee shirt girl but I really am.  I live in denim.  So today I’m sharing my game day guide to denim because you want to be cute, comfortable and ready to cheer on your team!

Game Day Denim Guide
Game Day Denim Guide
  1. Frame. I’m currently obsessed with distressed white denim.  There’s something about winter whites that I just love.  And do not be afraid to wear white to a game, if you spill, so what, it’s all part of the experience.
  2. Rag & Bone.  These leggings are perfect because they have pockets so they give the illusion that you’re wearing black jeans but they’re far more forgiving with all that stretch!  Perfect for the days you’re planning on over-indulging at the tailgate.
  3. Current Elliott.  These boyfriend jeans are so comfy and cute.  If you’re not wanting to wear anything tight, these are perfect for the travel to a game and during the game.  If you’re headed to basketball, toss on a pair of heels to glam these up a bit!
  4. Frame.  I cannot say enough about the stagger hem trend, so cute and so perfect for those of us who are shorter.  the hem is playful enough for the tailgate but trendy enough to show your fashion prowess.
  5. Current Elliott.  The “station agent” is probably the most flattering pant I’ve owned.  No joke.  I’m shorter and have “soccer legs” and the stitching and unique pockets are so slimming.  Plus the extra large pockets mean more room for your phone and other goodies so you don’t have to carry a bag.
  6. Abercrombie.  Yes, these are Abercrombie and are so cute.  I love the look of a long sleeve tee or sweater under these skinny overalls.  So tomboy-chic for game day.  I haven’t tried it yet but a jersey could be cute too under these.
  7. Frame.  Just like the white ones, I cannot get enough.  I wore these to LSU and they were so comfy, the distressing also gives you extra ventilation.  Plus they just don’t stretch out so you won’t have to worry if you’re headed out after the game.
  8. DIY alert!  These are Stella McCartney but I just used them as inspiration.  Just like my DIY game day shirt you can apply (literally) this trend to your denim.  I can’t wait to try this out and make my own pair.
  9. Mother. I love a light washed denim in the fall because they go with everything and help lighten up heavier winter colors.  Mother is one of my favorite brands because they fit so well and don’t stretch out and “the looker” is their classic.
  10. Mother.  Yes, I have them on here twice because similarly to the one above, “the looker” comes in a crop that’s perfect for shorter people and pair great with sneakers. And while light is great, dark is great to create a slimming effect and for those who fear a ketchup drip.

There you have it! Clearly I have some brand loyalty but these are my favorites 🙂

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