Dry Brushing?! What’s that?!

I'm always looking for new beauty tricks and I gave dry brushing below. Here are my thoughts!

I’m always looking for new beauty trick, hacks and routines that keep me looking ageless.. I obviously can’t stop time, so I need to keep the beauty routine fresh. From different face masks to body scrubs, I like to try them all. I heard many people talk about it, and I tried it for myself for a while. Here are my thoughts on dry brushing.

You’ve probably heard about it, but dry brushing is an actual thing! I always heard about it and had seen dry brushes for sale in salons but never thought to actually try it out. Well a few months ago I actually gave it a go and decided to try out this dry brushing thing.

First things first, it’s important to know what dry brushing is. Consider it an exfoliating massage. It helps rid the body of toxins and dead skin. This massage can be done anywhere from three times a week to daily. I use it

I tried Prana brush and at first I thought it hurt. I mean, you’re brushing your skin. While it’s dry. Not weird at all. After I got past that initial shock of the scratchy feeling, and reminded myself that it’s not supposed to be a scrub, it became a routine for me. If you’re rough like me, the idea is to not scrub your skin but brush the skin. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. That’s where I first screwed up and originally wasn’t a fan but once I figured out how to use it correctly, then I started to see the benefits. The copper bristles are known to help absorption of negative ions into your skin and also help digestion. You can get all of the details about Prana Brush’s benefits here as well. 

Smoother skin. This is the first thing I noticed. I’m always looking for that good healthy glow and the dry brush did that for me. But the dry brush technique does not only yield smother skin. There is a multitude of benefits as well. Many use it on their legs to get rid of cellulite an increase circulation. I personally have not seen a huge reduction in cellulite, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do so.

Dry brushing is definitely something that will stay in my routine. It’s so easy to keep up with – it just extends my showering routine by a couple minutes.

So tell me, what are some of your beauty routines that people don’t really know about. Or have you tried dry brushing? What are your thoughts?

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