Do You Have Your Holiday Cards Yet?!

Basic Invite Holiday Card

About a month ago I received a card in the mail from a college friend. It literally said, “Just saying hey! Love you, miss you.”. It was literally the sweetest gesture. First of all, I don’t get snail mail unless it’s a flyer or junk. I got to thinking, does anyone send letters anymore? I remember way back in the day when I had the cute Lisa Frank stationery with the matching pen. I was going to write her back when I realized that I didn’t have any stationery. Thanks to Basic Invite, I was able to quickly and easily create my own stationery. Check out what I created below!

Dani’s Basic Invite Stationery

It’s officially that time of year when all of the holiday cards and family newsletters start to arrive in your mailbox. I know many – okay a lot – of you do those cute Christmas cards with photographs of your kids on them. I’m considering doing a card with Willie on it. I mean, he is my son. Maybe you need to create a work holiday party invitation – Basic Invite can help you with that. With an array of styles, 40 different envelope colors and a variety of personalization and customization options, Basic Invite makes creating your own custom stationery a breeze! Not sure exactly what you want? Basic Invite is one of the few companies out there that allows you to order a sample of your design. How cool is that?! This way you know exactly what you are getting before you commit – no surprises! Hate addressing envelopes by hand? There’s an address capturing feature that lets you send a like to friends via social media to request addresses and they are stored in your Basic Invite account. No more hand cramps! With the features Basic Invite has to offer, your Christmas party invitations, Christmas cards, and stationery needs are more than handled.

Be sure to check out Basic Invite for all of your holiday card needs. Oh and PS: use the code holi30 for 30% off your purchase. You’re welcome! Check them out on Instagram @basicinvite



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