Avoid a Super Bowl Hangover

Happy Friday! Only 2 more days til the big game!

Now we’ve all been there; games on, beer is flowing, salty food is everywhere…it was AWESOME right?!  Yeah the Super Bowl is always a good time! Wanna know what’s not so awesome?! That nasty hang over you’re feeling Monday am when all the fun is over.  There are so many hang over cures out there and I’m not entirely sure that any of them really are the golden ticket, but hey we all know that feeling of desperation to get rid of it, so why not try a couple of these on Monday?  We’ve narrowed down our top tricks and cures for even the worst of hangovers.  What do you have to lose?


1)   First off, do not pass out right after the game.  Let the effects wear off by checking out an episode of Girls  before hitting the sack on Sunday.  When you pass out, your organs slow down, which means they’re not metabolizing as much alcohol.  The more toxins you can get rid of at night, the better you’ll feel in the morning.

2)   Eat something, but don’t just go for the bagel.  A huge serving of carbs isn’t soaking up the alcohol because hellooooo alcohol is also a carb.  Try some protein and veggies.

3)   Just skip the Jager, Fireball, Goldschlager, Rumple Minze and 99 Bananas.  No one has EVER had a good night or morning after while consuming these libations.

4)   Coconut water.  Drink it before bed, when you wake up in the middle of the night with a tongue that resembles the Sahara, and in the AM when you’re trying to de puff those eyes.

5)   H20.  Do not stop drinking it.  Ever.

6)   Pop a couple aspirin.  Skip the Tylenol; it will only be harder on your already overworked liver.

7)   Get moving!  While you may consider giving up your job, relationship or left leg to stay in bed, just don’t do it.  Get up; get your body moving and those organs back up to speed to detoxify what’s left.  A helpful trick, alternate hot and cold water in the shower, it will do wonders for you headache.

8)   Stop at Sbux or your local brew spot for some coffee.  The caffeine will help to wake you up and get your mind functioning like a semi-human.  But the effects will wear off so make sure you’re chuggin H20 and other hydrating liquids to avoid a crash.

9)   If you can, get a workout in.  While you may feel you are a danger to yourself and to others around you, once you get the blood pumping you will feel marked improvement.

10)  If you can, monitor your intake on Sunday (and any day for that matter).  It really is the only foolproof way to avoid a hang over.

Best of luck ladies!  Enjoy the Super Bowl, just remember, that extra shot may leave you struggling on Monday.  If you simply cannot resist the celebration, then be sure to try our tips and tricks.



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