August Watch List

It’s August.  And for some that means summer vacations, back to school, sultry summer nights; but for most Americans it means FOOTBALL is on TV.  Now the regular season doesn’t start in the NFL til Sept.  Who cares?!  It’s this point in the summer that football fans are getting desperate for any form of the game.  Oh and there’s some other stuff* going on too.  SO check out our August Watch List!

*Please note that MLB games are not on our watch list, but with 182 regular season games per team, we think its intuitive to assume there’s still tons of baseball on, so check your local listings.

Saturday August 3rd – Sunday August 4th:

Hall of Fame Weekend:

In the first “game” of the 2014 season, the NY Giants take on the Buffalo Bills in “Hall of Fame” weekend.  The enshrinement ceremony takes place on Saturday.  The game kicks off at 8PM EST (NBC) on Sunday.

Thursday August 7th:

PGA Championship:

One of four Major championships in pro golf, this tourney is set to start Thursday and run through August 10th at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.  For more info and the TV schedule click here.

NFL Pre Season:

The 2014 NFL Pre Season kicks off.

Indianapolis at NY Jets 7PM EST

New England at Washington 7:30PM EST

San Francisco at Baltimore 7:30PM EST (NFL Network)

Cincinnati at Kansas City 8PM EST

Seattle at Denver 9PM EST

Dallas at San Diego 10PM EST (NFL Network)

Thursday August 14th:

LPGA Championship:

Just like their male counterparts, the ladies will tee off on Thursday and play through the 17th in Pittford, NY at Monroe Golf Club.  Click here for more info.

Little League World Series:

Time to root for the tiniest baseball players in the 2014 Little League World Series.  For the team info and schedule click here.

Monday August 25th:

U.S. Open:

Tune in to watch the world’s best compete in the US Open.  For the schedule and participants, click here.   Also check out our tennis hotties here to, ya know, “research.”

Saturday August 30th:

College Football Season:

It’s here! College football season! The first game technically kicks off on Wednesday the 27th between Abilene Christian and Georgia State but things don’t get really going until that first football Saturday.  Click here for the plethora of games.

There you have it!  Enjoy!  Only one month away from all out football my friends.

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