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hostess gift ideas
hostess gift ideas

In case you didn’t catch the perfect advertising of the Byron Nelson golf tournament last year on season 1 of the Real Housewives of Dallas, allow me to fill you in. And if I already lost you at golf, hang in there because I promise this is actually one social even you’ll want to add to your calendar if you live in the metroplex.

The Basics:

Who: The best (and best looking) golfers on the PGA tour.  I’m talking Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Jamie Lovemark.

What: The AT&T Byron Nelson is now the ninth longest-running active stop on the PGA TOUR schedule. Plus funds raised at the tournament benefit the Momentous Institute, everyone in Dallas loves a good charitable angle.

When: Tournament play begins May 17th and the final round is Sunday May 21st.

Where: TPC Four Seasons Resort Dallas at Las Colinas.

Why: Here’s the important part, in addition to watching some golf, it’s an excellent opportunity to get your party on.

Let’s focus on the why for now. Golf is a bit of a gentleman’s sport.  It’s generally not the best sport to party at and, perhaps the part I hate the most, you’re supposed to be super quiet so the players can focus.  I’m more of a football/baseball/basketball/hockey fan where yelling (and imbibing) is not only accepted but encouraged. However, this tournament gives you plenty of areas where you can let loose a little.

There are several ways to get your social butterfly on. If you happen to have friends or an invite to one of the house parties that line the course then by all means, enjoy (and give me a shout so I can crash).  But you can also snag a $45 ticket to the grounds which permits you access to the Pavilion After Dark.  From my understanding/experience the best way I can describe this event is that the beer flows like water and it’s full of young blood thirsting for attention and regret.  So it’s not dissimilar from the bar on Friday night, ijust happens to be outdoors with people pretending they’re ladies and gentleman til the sun goes down.

Now if you really want to commit, there’s the Grey Goose 19th hole tickets.  These bad boys will set you back $90 but you can think of this as a mini pub crawl on the green.  You get access to the 17th and 18th holes (for those rookie golf fans, this is where the tourney ends so this is where you’ll see the winner, well, win).  You get better seating, great views and of course tons of Grey Goose beverages…for purchase of course. Unless you want to upgrade to the $135 tickets and then you get 4 free drinks.  I’m not sure how much they are in the tent but if you’re planning on putting them back, this may be your best bet.

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect, what to wear. Per usual, the forecast is calling for some potential for a storms.  This means it’s likely to be humid, windy and hot at some point, if not the entire weekend. So if you’re a gal or any kind of man, you may be stumped on what to wear…”hmm I need to party (so I must look hot), at a golf tournament (I must look respectable), in the gross weather (am I sure I want to go?!)”.

What to wear to a golf tournament


(Shopping details: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven)

LADIES: Your go to look is a sundress or a romper.  I may lean toward a romper in case there’s some wind.  We do not need a wardrobe malfunction.  Now some parties are a little dressier but if you’re headed to the course be comfy and cool.  You want to maintain some class so save the two pieces and cutouts for the next music festival.  As for what’s happening south of your ankles, I’d skip the heels but if you must, then wear a wedge.  We’ve all been in a wedding on grass, you won’t want to tiptoe the whole time, trust me.  I’m a fan of a white sneaker or comfy sandal for a golf tournament.

You also need to know that there is a bag policy. I repeat, there is a bag policy.  This means you cannot just schlep any purse into this event.  No purses or backpacks larger than 6”x6”x6” will be allowed.  You also cannot bring a camera, you’ll have to really sneak those camera phone pics in but who doesn’t want a little risk and adventure?!

Ideas for men

(Outfit Details: Gray shorts, blue shorts, stripe tee, gray tee, white polo, sneakers, sandals, sunglasses)

Gentleman: You live in the south, so I’m assuming golf attire has already infiltrated your wardrobe.  This one is easy, shorts (no jean shorts or cutoffs friends, I’m talking kakis or something similar) and a polo.  The only place I’m going to offer a suggestion is footwear.  First, you’re not playing, so leave the spikes at home.  Second, you’ll be walking, it’s hot, so opt for comfort. If you’re a rainbows kind of guy, those are great, if you’re not, then opt for sneakers.  If you must, then wear your loafers, there’s just something about sweat and booze that don’t mix with loafers for me but hey, you do you.

If you’re now experiencing some anxiety because you won’t be able to make it this weekend, fear not my friends, The Colonial (AKA the Dean & Deluca Invitational) is just around the corner to satisfy all of our unmet golf needs. This tournament is located at the Colonial Country Club is Fort Worth May 22nd-May 28th.  You can plan to dress similarly but to party a little less.  This tourney is best known for the plaid jackets they hand out to the winner.  Pick Byron or Colonial, if you’re like me, both.  But now at least you’ll be prepared.  LADIES: The bag policy is enforced at all PGA events so plan accordingly if you’re headed to the Colonial as well, I don’t want to see you frantically stuffing wallets in your bra, lipsticks in your pockets or keys in your undies. I’m planning a follow up on the perfect non-clear bags for game day soon, so check back!

Have a great weekend!

In case you’re looking for the shopping info for the cover photo details, my dress is from JaneHudson, sneakers are here, and sunnies are here.

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