Take seasonal decorations into your own hands this year! With the holiday season upon us it is no secret that getting the house looking festive is not always fun, in fact many would say it’s a hassle. This year, get your entire family involved in the holiday merriments by making your own sports-themed wreaths! It is so simple and might I add…affordable! You can create your wreath for around $20.00!

What you will need

  • A plastic-wrapped 12″ straw wreath
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • 5-6 yards of cheap fabric in the colors of your fav team
  • A decal of your team mascot to add for extra decoration

The first step is to cut your fabric into 4” squares. Make sure your cuts are clean and there are no extra, stringy pieces hanging around.  Get all your cutting done in one sitting so you can move on to the next step without having to go back and cut more squares.

After you have all your fabric squares cut, take your screwdriver and jam the fabric into the wreath. PS: Now is a great time to take out your frustration from all the holiday stress! Do this until your entire wreath is covered from front to back.

The last step is to take a small amount of hot glue and stick your decorative decal on the front to add that final touch! Now just sit back relax and watch the big game knowing you have done your part when it comes to representing your favorite team.


Contributed by Taylor Hensel

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