Ticker Tape Parade

I’ve been super MIA for a couple months. It’s not that I’ve been lacking ideas…with the World Cup; I’ve been overflowing with memories and nostalgia of my own days on the pitch. So I’ve decided to break my silence and talk about the ticker tape parade yesterday. There’s been a lot of chatter about how many people were going to actually show up.   I don’t get it.

I attended the Clio Sports Awards on Wednesday in Manhattan and was shocked to over hear such speculation that no one would show up to the parade. Celebrities and fellow male athletes took to social media to lend their support during that final match, so why are people still so doubtful that America actually supports this team?

I attended the 1999 World Cup finals in Pasadena and perhaps I was a bit biased since I was just a fourteen-year-old soccer player with a dream to one-day play for the National Team, but that stadium was filled and the support was undeniable. Sure Americans don’t support soccer the way the rest of the world does but Americans always support America…no matter what. Afterall, no one watches bobsledding on a daily basis but at the Olympics we’re all tuning in and cheering for the red white and blue. So again, I ask, why were people so shocked that the parade was a success yesterday?

I rarely talk about controversy on the blog but I was upset that there were still critics after what that team did in the tournament. Every goal in that final match was earned, none of them were given away. I wish everyone could be more like the Rock in his or her enthusiasm. He said it perfectly, this team is the best at what they do and just because they happen to be women doesn’t mean there should have been any doubt in our nation’s support for them. I hope that yesterday’s success will quite the critics and be the start of unconditional American support, even if it’s for a women’s team. This is our county and that is our team.

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