College Football Diary: Austin, TX Edition

If I know one thing, Austin loves its college football. I know I’m from Texas, but I have never been to a UT game (when they weren’t playing OU in Dallas) in Austin. Y’all know I’m an OU girl, and Sooners and Longhorns just don’t mix. But I have been wanting to attend a UT game and see how they gameday. I got the opportunity to join Toyota in Austin for their Super Tailgate series and attend the UT/Baylor game. While I was there, I did all of the Austin things. I went to Rainey Street, had breakfast at Kerbey Lane (pancakes!), and hung out on 6th Street. All of that with a tailgate and football game in the middle was enough for me to need a 10-hour nap. Where can I order one of those? I think we need napping centers. Maybe I should start one?? Anyway here’s the rundown from the weekend.

We arrived in Austin Friday evening and quickly pulled it together to hit up Rainey Street. If you aren’t familiar with the Austin area, Rainey Street is lined with cute patio bars and food trucks. The vibe is low-key and you can walk and roam with your friends and hop around from bar to bar if you want to. It was the best way to kick off the weekend.

The next morning I got started early and hit up Kerbey Lane for breakfast. I am obsessed with their pancakes and vanilla latte. I would love to know what is in the pancake batter because it is amazing – like everything on the menu. Kerbey Lane is a diner and is open 24 hours, but if you are trying to get in there on a Saturday, here’s a heads up: either get on the waiting list ahead of time or go super early to beat the rush. If you get there around 9 ish, be ready to wait for about an hour. For two people and an hour wait, the food is definitely worth it.

After breakfast, it was tailgate time! Does anyone else eat before the tailgate or is that me? No? I’m alone? Okay, nevermind. I really enjoyed my time at the Toyota tailgate. I got to check out some of the new cars including the 4 Runner and Tundra. Toyota definitely did the tailgate right. With cornhole, frisbee golf and all of the food, including brisket, sausage, chicken wings, mac and cheese (drool) bagels and lox…it was all there. HEB provided the food and I have to talk about this dip that was made with cream cheese and Adams Reserve Kicked Up Chicken rub – it was good! Paired with Central Market waffle cut chips, it was definitely a perfect game day/tailgate snack. If you’re in the Texas area and have an HEB near you definitely check out the rub, it’s not just for chicken.

After tailgating and pre-gaming the right way, we headed to the game. So I was planning on the weather being in the 70s and clear skies, but I was greeted at the stadium with 90 something and by the end of the game I was peeling my jeans off. It was so brutally hot, thank goodness for the Lemon Chill I was able to purchase. One thing I wasn’t used to, UT sells beer in the stadium! I’m used to OU being dry at the stadium, so this was a nice surprise. I’m pretty sure OU is one of the few dry stadiums, but considering this is my first college game in a different stadium, I was happy to see that they sold beer in the stands. As for concessions, you can get pretty much the standard stadium food including funnel cakes. Who doesn’t want a funnel cake? I think funnel cakes and corn dogs should be sold at every arena and stadium whether collegiate or professional.

Despite it being hot it was a good game between the Longhorns and Bears and I had a great time with Toyota. Did I mention there was a Matthew McConaughey cameo at the game?! I’m always looking for the next college game to attend. Where should I go next?

Until next time!


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