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I received a box of goodies including several items that make tailgating easy and fun for everyone. When it comes to game day, I love a good tailgate. What makes tailgating fun with friends is not just the trash talking with fans of the other team or the anticipation of the impending game, but the food!

Custom Sub Box: Super Sub; American Classic; Club Sub; Turkey Provolone

Food can make or break a tailgate and with Jersey Mike’s catering options you will be able to tailgate with ease. No need for a huge table with all of the fixings and no need for people to stand a make a sandwich. Jersey Mike’s offers an array of options for catering boxes, and makes your tailgate food prep a breeze!

When I ordered my catering box I was able to customize the bread and the sandwich type. Instead of the standard white or wheat bread, I chose the rosemary parmesan. It is as good as it sounds – and paired with the Super Sub, American classic, Turkey and Provolone, and Club Sub, it’s extra delicious! All the subs come cut for your guests to grab what they want and keep it moving so they can enjoy the festivities. In addition to catering boxes, Jersey Mike’s also has individual bags of chips available (no hands in a giant bag – GROSS!) and individually wrapped cookies. The cookies come in a variety of flavors like sugar, triple chocolate chip, and chocolate chip candy. There are also brownies available for purchase as well, but who doesn’t love a cookie with their meal?! Additional catering items include a salad bowl and you can do personal boxed meals. Overall, Jersey Mike’s has all of your game day catering needs handled! To purchase all of the items you need for your next tailgate, head over to Jersey Mike’s. I promise you will save yourself all the hassle and headache.

In addition to the Jersey Mike’s gift card and goodies, I also received a few custom OU helmets by FanHeads from Jakks Toys. These helmets are so easy to put together that I don’t think I even read the instructions! These adjustable helmets can be customized to be small, medium, or large, and can either be worn or used for decoration. I opted to use the helmets as a container to hold bags of chips; however, they can be worn for a fun little game of seven on seven, if time permits before the game! Not only are these helmets a table decorating idea and fun for kids to play with, but they can also be put on display as well. All colleges and NFL teams are available. You can purchase your favorite team’s helmet at FanHeads!

Enjoy and have fun at your next tailgate with FanHeads and Jersey Mike’s!

XO The Sports Brat


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