Sweat Cosmetics

Sweat Cosmetics

Summer is here, especially if you live in one of the southern states as I currently do.  With record temps across the nation, the days of the sweet summer “glow” seem to have been traded for all out sweaty struggles.  No joke, I’m currently unable to wear certain fabrics for the next couple of months.  Denim…no way! It’s just almost impossible to stay dry.

When I was first introduced to sweat cosmetics I thought I would love this product for my workouts.  When I was playing soccer it wasn’t cool to wear make-up but if you missed the World Cup last summer, these fierce athletes are not only ballers but they look incredible while doing it.  So now I’m totally inspired to spruce up my workout look.  It wasn’t until I recently relocated to the south that Sweat Cosmetics has become a staple in my make-up routine every day.

Sweat Cosmetics
Sweat Cosmetics

As I mentioned, its HOT here.  I use their powder stick in 200 every day.  The mineral powder is breathable, water-resistant and has SPF 30.  I use it as a sunscreen over my foundation for days when I have on more make up but I also use it alone when I’m running errands or want a fresh summer look that’s less “made up.”

Let’s talk stats…it’s cruelty free, it’s hypoallergenic, its dermatologist approved, it’s free of oil, OH and its refillable meaning you’ll be tossing less clunky powder cases into the world.  It really is the total package.

Sweat Cosmetics
Sweat Cosmetics

So who are the geniuses behind the product? Well they’re former athletes of course.  That’s why they get it.  Founded by 5 Olympians and professional athletes, Sweat Cosmetics’ team more closely resembles a roster.  And I was lucky enough to get to chat with them about their product, soccer and of course GAME DAY.

Sweat Cosmetics Team
Sweat Cosmetics Team

Emily Hines – CEO
College: The University of Denver
Favorite career highlight/moment: All professional for me, walking from my secure job to go all in for Sweat, life is all about doing things you believe in!
Sweat Cosmetics Color: 200
Fave Sports Teams: Denver Broncos and all DU sports
Go-To Game Day Outfit (as a spectator): Mascot tee, mascot ball cap, jeans and white Chuck Taylors
Favorite sporting event you’ve attended as a spectator: Attending the Denver Broncos trophy ceremony at the White House, summer 2016
Pump up song: Public Service Announcement- Jay Z
Favorite Tailgate Food: Do Summer Shandy’s count as a food?

Leslie Osborne – CMO
College: Santa Clara University
Favorite career highlight/moment: Representing our country (USWNT)
Sweat Cosmetics Color: shade 200
Fave Sports Teams: Green Bay packers
Go-To Game Day Outfit (as a spectator): Jean shorts/jersey or tank top, converse
Favorite sporting event you’ve attended as a spectator:Champions league final. Barcelona vs athletic Madrid.
Pump up song: Anything Rihanna.
Favorite Tailgate Food: Cheese and crackers or guacamole and chips

Courtney Jones – CEO
College: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Favorite career highlight/moment: Winning my first national championship at UNC in 2008
Sweat Cosmetics Color: 100
Fave Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers and the Golden State Warriors
Go-To Game Day Outfit (as a spectator): White Chuck Taylors, jeans with holes in the knee and a fan tee!
Favorite sporting event you’ve attended as a spectator:  When I was 4, I got to watch my dad win Super Bowl XXIX
Pump up song: Freedom – Beyonce (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Favorite Tailgate Food: Hot dog

Lindsay Tarpley- CCO
College: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Favorite career highlight/moment: Winning a gold medal in 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics
Sweat Cosmetics Color: 100
Fave Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
Go-To Game Day Outfit (as a spectator): Converse, shorts/jeans and tee
Favorite Sporting event you’ve attended as a spectator: Women’s World Cup Game in 2015
Pump up Song: Anything 🙂
Favorite Tailgate Food: Chips and guac, nachos, burgers

Taryn Hemmings – COO
College: University of Denver
Favorite career highlight/moment: My first start professionally with the Boston Breakers
Sweat Cosmetics Color: Shade 200
Fave Sports Teams: Colorado Avalanche…any Denver teams
Go-To Game Day Outfit (as a spectator): Ripped jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, boots
Favorite sporting event you’ve attended as a spectator: Broncos AFC Championship
Pump up song: Fetty Wap
Favorite Tailgate Food: Hot dogs!

Thank you so much to Team Sweat for chatting with me.  Next time you ladies are in Dallas let’s tailgate — and yes Emily, Summer Shandy is 100% a food group 😉

Sweat Cosmetics
Sweat Cosmetics

Just an FYI, I swap back and forth between 100 and 200 depending on what time of year it is   and its so easy to swap them out given the design of the brush – so you only need one!  But trust me, this is a must for your game day bag.  The days of lugging powder, foundation and sunscreen are over.  This is all you need for your little game day bag, your gym bag and your most of all, your make up bag.  You can follow Sweat Cosmetics on social @sweatcosmetics.

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