Sporty Girl’s Gift Guide

Need help on what to get that sports fan in your life on whatever occasion? Don't worry - I got your blind side! Check out my gift guide for all the sports fans you know.

Y’all! My birthday is creeping up! It’s literally 10 days away! Friends and family have been asking what I want to do or what I want for my birthday – and I go to thinking. Ever wonder what to get that one sports fan in your life for their birthday, Christmas, whatever? Well you’re in luck. In honor of my Slay Day’s imminent arrival, I’m giving you some of my musts have that you can gift that sporty girl in your life. Or maybe you need something for the sporty guy. Whoever you’re shopping for, I got what you need.

Let’s be real, there’s only so many pairs of Kendra Scott earrings or bangles that you can buy someone. After three years in a row of the same earring in a different color, I mean, it gets old. So how about this: think outside of the *gift* box. Think practical. Think…necessary. I thought about the things I love and what I would really actually use. Here are my top gift ideas.

Ticketmaster Gift Card – This one is a no brainer. Seriously, if people would just send me gift cards to any of the ticketing outlets out there, that would be a gift that would definitely be put to use. I know people think of the generic GC’s like, Visa gift cards, but think about it. If you gave someone a Ticketmaster gift card, you’re basically telling that person, “Go to an event on me!” and who knows they may use those funds to hit up a concert, or a game, or both! Thoughtful, right? Are you short on time? Send a quick gift card here.

Spanx Leather Leggings and Spanx Jean-ish Leggings – Such a favorite. As you know I live in leather leggings in the Fall and wear them to basically everything. I want nothing more than to own every color of leather leggings this season. They dress up any game day tshirt and jersey. Throw on some booties and you’re instantly chic. I have a plain black pair and the moto leggings and wear them to basically every game I go to. They are comfortable, and slimming. I mean duh, they’re Spanx. But they won’t suffocate you. I even own a pair of the white jean leggings and they are equally as smoothing.

Leather leggings go with everything and can be worn for anything – a night out or off to a game! Shop my go to leggings here.

Clear Bag – It’s August and Clear Bag Policy season is definitely here. Grab the girl who needs to look good, a stylish clear bag. Some of my favorites include the Collins Tuohy Smith collaboration at GiGi New York, and Pennant Accessories. Wanna know what’s dope about Pennant Accessories? You can change out the strap on their bags to match a favorite sports team, and also they have patterns like leopard! Now that’s fierce. And besides, a girl can never have too many purses and this includes clear bags too.

Gameday Chic Tee Subscription – Now you know your sporty girl can’t just wear anything to the game. She wants to be comfortable and cute. Enter Gameday Chic and the tshirt subscription. For $25 a month, a new tee gets delivered so no one has to feel as though they are wearing the same shirt over and over and over again. To get in on this action, you can sign up for a subscription, here.

MLBTv Subscription – Do you have a friend who can’t watch their favorite team play ‘cause they are out of market? Well check out this out. With MLB.Tv, or any league tv package for that matter, baseball fans can watch every out of market game from their phone or PC. They can even cast to their TV. I mean, this is how I watch every single Yankees game, unless they are playing Houston. To be honest, it’s well worth it. I’ve had it now for three years and I wish I wasn’t so late to realizing that I needed this in my life. Prices do vary depending on the package you purchase. Click here for more details.

Tumbler and Hosting Gifts – A fun personalized tumbler to hold a beverage *ahem wine* while tailgating or hosting a watch party is definitely a need and a thoughtful gift. Besides, now she’ll know exactly which cup is her’s in a sea of red solo cups. Check out Two Funny Girls for some cool gifts.

Hopefully this helps a little, if you’re in a gift giving rut.

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